The Star piece in 1997

They edited this article. Heavily, I thought. Then, they published it, without checking in with me prior. It might have been part of the terms and conditions for submitting a piece and/or for publication – that they would have discretionary rights to edit and to then publish without coming back to the writer.

But there it was, published. 22 years ago now. Kiddo is now fully fledged adult. Independent, working and married. Living in another city, some 700 kilometers away. With a lifestyle that is rather different to the one Tress and I lived, when this piece was written.

So many thoughts cross my mind. On so many things. Maybe one day, I will tease them all out and flesh them with the appropriate words. Maybe 24 October 2027, when the piece gets to 30 years old. Who knows. Kiddo at 3 001