AFL (Damp Squib) Grand Final and Household Chores

It was the AFL Grand Final weekend and thanks to Daniel Andrews’ Labor Government we had last Friday off. The night before, we tried a new restaurant – a little place not far from our home called “Flavours of Mekong”. Jason and Mel were with us and we liked the place.

I had planned to work the gardens the next day, so after a quick stop at the local Bunnings to pick up my edger/whipper snipper lines, I started out edging the side, back and front lawns, as well as cleared weeds on flower beds.

When I was ready to mow however, I had a brain freeze when topping up the mower’s engine oil. I tipped in way too much and before long, puffs of blue smoke coughed up out of the engine and very quickly, oil spluttered out and the engine looked like it was in a whole lot of grief. I killed it, and decided it had cacked it. Being a Daniel Andrews declared public holiday however, the mower servicing shop I had previously used was closed. So the lawn remained un-mowed and that lingering feeling of unfinished job stayed on. I pushed on to do the rest of the gardening tasks however, including the cleaning up – for the umpteenth time – of the remnants of the black cockatoos’ feeding off the gum tree on the nature strip in front of our home.

Later that evening, we messaged Jason and Mel to borrow their mower. Their newly built property no longer needed that machine. We took the machine home and I tried to restore things as much as possible with the car, having removed the back partitioning bits and lowered the seats to house the large-ish mower the Chews had.

The next day, I rang the mower shop to check that they were opened. I then took the oiled up machine in, arranged for it to be fixed up, and went home to work on Jason’s old mower to finish the tasks. We then headed out for lunch before the big dance at 2.30pm.

After the first quarter of relatively good contests, Greater Western Sydney – “Giants” – caved in and Richmond mauled them to win the flag in one of the most one-sided grand finals in recent years. Unless you barrack for the winning side, games like that are no fun to watch so midway through the third quarter, I said to Tress – fallen asleep now, that was how bad the game was – to take the little fellow out for a walk. We left for the walk, and along the way, we heard some homes – Tigers fans obviously – celebrating. The margin turned out to be 89 points, would you believe.

Later that night, we received a message from Jonathan. We thought about it and started to think about what we could do in response, and decided on a couple of options, so had to get busy again the next day. Tress also teed up some Malaysian delicacies to be picked up on next Sat morning.

After St Alf’s and lunch, we did more grocery shopping for the dish for Jon’s plans, and after catching up with Jason and Mel again to witness some docs they wanted to sign, went home for the week’s cook. It has been a busy weekend of domestic chores. I guess that happens when your team isn’t in the mix in footy finals and you get a chance to focus on more down to earth stuff around the house.