Cape Schank, and Waiting for Warmer Days

Some time last week, I saw that the Saturday was going to see good weather. So I teed up a quick getaway, and looked for an easy walk destination not too far away, say about an hour or so, driving.

After a lazy morning, I walked that little fellow while Tress did the laundry, to take advantage of the sunny conditions. Those basic chores done, we then drove towards Mornington and headed for Cape Schanck.

It was sunny with blue skies and when we got there, the car park looked busy. Numerous people were there and the walk along the boardwalk to Pebble Beach was busy. Likewise, the lighthouse area and a number of other spots were teeming with people. We had lunch at Flinders, where Tress’ bowl of soup and my humble looking sandwich were nice but the bill reminded us we were in the area commonly known as a playground for Melbourne’s wealthy people. A soup, a sandwich and two coffees ran up a bill of $54… Jules believes in fat margins I suppose. A walk through the main road in that town sort of affirmed its playground-for-the-rich status, as that short street had numerous art galleries with simple but pricey art works for sale, as well as chic fashion joints.

We got home around 4pm, and after a quick visit to the shops to get some protein to marinade for the week’s cook the next day, we settled down to await the Hawks’ last game of the season. Somehow, we managed to beat the Eagles, at the Optus (in Perth) at that. It all came to nought however, as the Doggies easily beat the Crows on Sunday, to pip us into a finals spot.

That miss proved to be only one of 3 horrible outcomes, sporting wise, for the weekend. United lost at home to Palace for a last minute goal and worst of all, the Poms – courtesy of a cracking knock from the Ranger Stokes – managed an unlikely run chase at Headingly to tie the Ashes 1-1.

St Alf saw us do the penultimate talk of the Life Explored series. It had been a curious one, where most of us struggled to find resonance. Especially between the videos and the themed messages. Maybe it was designed to stoke some flames of thoughts amongst those less familiar with the gospel.

Just before I started the cook, Tress went on her ethereal pursuits and I ducked into FHC. With warmer months returning soon (hopefully), I had wanted to go back to my low working shoes and keep my RM boots away for the season. My low black working pair however, has had a hole in it for a while. I saw a “Rockport Allander” at The Athlete’s Foot which were really nice. Black and business like but soft, light and very walkable, it felt like the perfect pair. The price tag however was a put off so I walked around to check out the Shoes Warehouse instead. Contrary to the trend of my sporting teams, my luck turned – a same pair was on the shelf! At the checkout, the lady said it would have normally sold for about $30 less than the tag at TAF, but it was a storewide “nothing over $99” promotion day. The  discount of over 55%was a no-brainer, and I’m now ready, foot wise, for the warmer months.

In fact, with footy season over I am more than ready – in all sense – for the warmer season. It has been a long, cold and wet winter and I cannot wait to bid farewell to the long, cold, dark and wet days.