A Jazz In Time

Last Friday, Tress and I had a quiet little dinner in a local Japanese place. She had a big lunch at her workplace – a farewell event for a colleague – so she didn’t want anything too heavy. It was a lovely way to finish a first week back at work after our Canberra escapades.

On Saturday morning, Tress had a ladies morning tea at St Alf’s and I had planned to write up the minutes of the last board meeting of Steer. The meeting was nearly 2 weeks ago but as we had been in Canberra the weekend after the meeting, I could only write it up later. When Tress rang to say the morning tea was done, I had just about finished writing.

Tress then went to the hairdresser’s and I had wanted to meet her there and go to a neighbouring shop to fix my sunnies. We hung around the area for a bit before going home and walking the little guy later in the arvo, as we started to get ready for the night out in town.

I’d first listened to James Morrison some year ago and have always enjoyed his playing. A few weeks ago, Garth at Steer had asked if I could attend an dinner hosted by an investment partner firm of Steer, as he would not be able to. I thought we should be courteous to a wonderful investment partner (Payton) so I said I would attend it if he couldn’t, as I thought it was important that Steer be represented at that event. It later turned out James Morrison was going to be playing at that function so it was a terrific bonus.

Tress and I dressed up, took the train into the city, and walked the short stroll up from Flinders to the Arts Centre. I then realised it was to be a multi layered treat as we weren’t just going to listen to James Morrison but Payton’s charitable foundation was the main host of the event. They are benefactors to a range of charities and a few of those gave speeches and Tress and I also got to speak with some of them. It made me realise that ordinary working folks who chase deals and find profits and who then want to work hard at channelling at least some of those proceeds to worthy causes, are almost everywhere to be found. That was a comforting thought. In as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the performance by the virtuoso that was James Morrison (along with his band, 2 of whom were his sons), it was the thought of what Payton Foundation was doing that brought me more satisfaction. I was very grateful to know Steer has a wonderful investment partner in more ways than one.

We got back from the function late, reaching home at midnight. As we waited for the bed to warm up, I had a night cap and we both watched Hitler’s last days in Downfall, before going to bed well past 1am.

On Sunday, after St Alf’s and lunch, we went home and took the little guy for a longer walk. We then got home, did some weeding, and I started the week’s cook. It all got done pretty early and we settled down well in time for the 6pm news, before starting to wind down the weekend with some banal talent show on tv. After a live James Morrison treat, that was pretty ordinary.

As I trekked into the city for work this morning, I thought about the week ahead, and thumbed through some messages including from kiddo. It looks like their lives too, are whirring away in weekly routines and mini highlights for distraction. One of the pieces Morrison played on Saturday night was “Autumn Leaves”. I came to like this piece largely through Miles Davis, but listening to it live by a master was a different experience. This mini highlight would stay with me for a little while.