Wet weekend

I remember reading a meteorologist saying it was going to be a mild and dry winter. It hasn’t felt this way so far. Certainly not over the past weekend.

On Saturday arvo, as Tress and I attended the last family friendly scheduled MCG home game for the Hawks, it rained right through. Tress left before the final quarter, to meet up with her ethereal activities’ community. I stayed on for the nail biting but ultimately disappointing finish. I paid the price for that by being caught up in a torrential downpour as the fans leave the G and head towards Richmond Station. I had a waterproof jacket as well as a brolly and a waterproof pair of shoes, but I was still soaked in places. The whole day had been grey and drab and the proper rain was almost like a fitting finale.

It had rained the night before as well, when Tress and I wound down the week at our local Italian. The joint was booked out and while we were contemplating dessert, we noticed they were turning guests away, so we skipped that and headed out. We have been regulars here for the past 3-4 years now and Luigi looked like a decent guy running a business by providing really nice Italian food so it was easy to support his enterprise.

On Sunday we were on communion duty and the order was mixed around a bit so communion was early. We helped out Anita – the service leader – by coordinating the communion duty folks and I noticed Mike M, looked like he had heaps on his mind. I said a special prayer for him this morning; I hope he’s ok.

After a nice walk with the little guy yesterday arvo, I came home to cook the week’s lunches – delectable roasted veges – and pottered around the house. It had been a relatively uneventful weekend, except for the rain.

It may be different next weekend. An uncle will be visiting and just as importantly, the weather promises to be better behaved.