Transient Toy and Turf

We caught up with Jason and Mel again on Friday night, and chatted and ate to wind down the week. As always, it was nice. Especially with a 2 for 1 meal the establishment offered.

Saturday was meant to be a lazy and easy-going day off. We slept in and had a late brekky. At some point in the morning, Tress said maybe we can drop into a car dealership to have a look; I agreed enthusiastically. The rest is a tiny bit of history. The little toy I’ve had for a couple of years has been loads of fun but it has also been an impractical impost on our lives. It was time to say goodbye. A more practical hatch is on its way to our driveway soon.

On Sunday, we had our usual St Alf’s time. Mike Bird was his usual enlightening and entertaining self. His statement that the Sermon on the Mount was not an aspirational piece but an edict like imperative for “Kingdom people”, made a little impact on me. I said to myself I needed to do better.

After lunch we went to do our usual grocery shopping. I had a haircut then, which turned out to be a mini disaster. The hairdresser used a “No. 4” which made it look like I’ve had a “No. 1” instead. I was a bit upset but Mike’s talk earlier then made a little whisper and about a couple of hours later, I went back to the shop and apologized to the hairdresser. Tress was taken aback, and I hope the Lord will be merciful and continue this work in me.

Later I showed someone the MX5 – my soon to be gone toy – who liked it a lot but thought the car had a bit of damp smell. I had cleaned it up soon after showing it to him, and that dampness is mainly gone but I guess that is part of the impractical impost that comes with owning this car – the soft/hard top swaps, the drain hole clogs, the constant worry about no spare tyre, the driveway acrobats. While I didn’t mind these things for the most part, it wasn’t sustainable and the longer we kept this up, the harder it would be for me to find a buyer without losing too much. With car dealers being hard up for deals (plummeting sales figures and end of year stock clearance) I managed to squeeze the dealer for a really good deal. It’s time to let my toy go…

So as I drove into the station this morning, the reality of transience hit me – my crewcut turf and my toy are both with me only for a little while…