Bolt-on values

When Alistair Clarkson, head coach of Hawthorn, got sick in 2014, a bloke called Brendon Bolton took over. He was instantly likeable. He took charge for 5 games before Clarko came back.

Bolton went on to become head coach of Carlton in 2016. Less than 4 years later, 12 games into the current season, he has been sacked by his club. 1 win in 12 games was too much for this once successful club to stomach.

Last night, Tress and I watched his press conference on prime time news. Bolton held back tears, but he was a tremendously brave man to even front up at that press conference. That’s the Bolton the public has come to know – dignified and always doing the right thing. This morning in the papers, Patrick Cripps, a captain and really good footballer, paid tribute to Bolton. Cripps called out Bolton’s work ethics. His dignity and respect and work ethics are all part of the package that we see in Bolton.

I hope he comes back to Hawthorn. Someone like him – brave, dignified, respected and respectful, works hard at everything – should be able to find a place in any football club but it would be wonderful to have him back at Hawthorn.