Masterchef… and its reassurance…

It has been wet in our neck of the woods. On Friday night when I got back home, it was wet again – so much so that I even said to Tress that a café some 3-4 km away from home was “too far” for a bite that night. We opted instead to go to the shopping centre just at the back of our home, which is less than a km away. We went to one of those chains with a big menu, so we can pick stuff more suited to a “winding down” type of food.

After dinner we went home, watched a bit of footy (Kangaroos surprisingly defeated the Tigers) but we then switched to a streaming movie. It was a suspense genre, with Milo Ventimiglia in the starring role. We didn’t know he was going to be in it but we recognised him from a TV series (“This is Us”) we enjoyed.

It continued to be wet on Saturday so we slept in a bit, and after brekky, pottered around. Tress did some weeding, I loosened up the green bin which had been clogged up by trimmings of a ground cover (I think it’s called the “Free Fall Casuarina”) from about 2-3 weeks back, picked some lemons, stirred the compost bin, picked up the little guy’s deposits, etc.

Tress then went out for her ethereal pursuits and when she got back we headed out to lunch and then to Shoppo to return a pair of shoes. We had picked up a pair of Skechers for Tress’ dad and they didn’t fit. Both her parents have newish pairs of trainers (Skechers also…) anyway. So, I got back my $140 (yay)… we then picked up some groceries, including stuff to cook for the week’s lunches. We then headed home and took the little guy for a walk – the poor fellow hadn’t had a walk for 3 days, as it had been wet.

Later that night, I roasted some veges, and then streamed another movie. Tress was in the mood for another suspense movie, so we picked out “Marrowbone”. It’s a forgetable middle of the road fare… and it provided a much needed distraction from the fact that we weren’t able to watch the footy happening up north in Queensland. Hawks had been poor after the first quarter and we lost to the Lions, so that movie provided scant comfort.

On Sunday, after the usual service at St Alf’s, we stayed back to listen to a presentation on plans to upgrade the facilities at St Luke’s in Vermont. St Luke’s has been a partner parish for 2-3 years now and they needed some work done on their property, on the corner of Mitcham and Canterbury.

After lunch, we headed to our usual shopping haunt for a little more groceries and bumped into Jason and Mel, had coffee with them, and then went back to take the little guy for another walk.

Back home, it was cooking time, for the week’s lunches. Tress had wanted congee and I had marinated some pork ribs overnight. The congee looked good. Masterchef had started a couple of weeks ago and we settled down to enjoy that wonderful series.

Masterchef in winter has become a staple prime time viewing for a few years now. It’s become a winter warmer for us. To have it back in our lounge room is a bit of a familiar and welcomed viewing. It’s a bit of reassurance that life is normal again.