Quiet Australians

Tress and I went out for dinner at a Korean BBQ place in the shopping center near our home, on Friday night. It was something different and the meats were very good. It was a good way to end the working week.

Early on Saturday morning, we got up and walked to the Holbury childcare center. We’ve been here numerous times, each time to do our duty and cast a vote in a Federal or State election. A queue had already built up when we arrived a few minutes before 8am.

As we went about our day after voting, like many Australians who trusted the “expert” pollsters, we expected to have a new government after Saturday. That night, we went to St Alf’s for a jazz concert by the Christian jazz musician, Andy Vance. He was accompanied by Andy Sugg, a jazz saxophonist. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. It made me want to take out my old Miles Davis and/or Diana Krall CD’s to listen to again. May be a great idea with winter coming…

When the evening done and as we were leaving the hall, some had scrolled through their phone and gave us a hint that of a real shock to the election outcome. When we got into the car, we turned on the radio and verified that the Coalition had, against all expectations, won.

We went home, turned on the television, and followed the elections for a bit. Going to bed late, the sense of relief settled. Life can go on, on a much more even keel, with the Coalition remaining in power. Labor had been too murky and it’s just worrying when they push airy fairy stuff, with high risk to ordinary daily lives with no perceptible returns. More importantly I guess, social issues like religious freedom will be less adversely impacted.

After St Alf’s the next day, we went to the MCG for the Hawks replacement game against the roaring Tiger home side. It was frustrating seeing the Hawks struggle again. Dusty was back in full force for the Tigers and Hawks were very soundly defeated.

As we sat on the train on the way home after the game, I browsed through the phone and the continuing buzz was all about Scott Morrison’s form busting win. A picture of him at the football (NRL – Sharks v Manly game) with a beer in hand and decked out in Sharks’ gear, was a greatly comforting one. Life can be normal, on an even keel again. He had been in church earlier that day too, which was a doubly reassuring piece of news. He hailed his supporters as “Quiet Australians”. Maybe not at the football, but I’d be a happy quiet Australian for ScoMo.