Rained on

Heavy rains were forecast for last Friday, so I asked Tress to drop me off at the station that morning, to save MyJedi from being drenched all day. At the end of that day, the rains caused some delays to the trams, so I walked to Southern Cross to catch the train home. The intermittent rains as I walked the 2km or so, didnt feel like much.

On Saturday morning, I had sweeping duties at St Alf’s and towards the end of the sweep, it rained again but as I was well protected, I kept on and finished the task and got home. Back home, I started on the work to cut back the shrubs along the driveway. They had been impeaching on and became a nuisance to, the driveway and we’ve had to so a right-and-left swing to bring our cars in without having the cars scratched too badly. As I cut those thick shrubs back and cleaned up the undergrowth as much as possible, the light showers persisted and the hot shower, after the cleanup etc., felt great. By then however, I suspected I was already picking up a cold.

That night, we had dinner with the Hipos and Jason and Mel. It was Sheanne’s birthday (she turned 9). We went to the Old Kingdom at Surrey Hills. It was always great catching up with these families. Tress and I picked up a Disney Monopoly Set (Frozen themed) for the birthday girl.

Sunday after St Alf’s we planned to get a quick lunch, a quick grocery shopping, and then head out to the MCG for the Hawks v Giants game. When we got to the Blackburn Station however, we saw that the trains would stop at Camberwell, with replacement buses to ferry us to the MCG. It was already close to first bounce and the thought of lining up for buses on the way back, coupled with a deteriorating cold, sent us back to the shops for a coffee, more grocery shopping for the week’s lunch cooks and just to chill out. At the coffee shop, I saw that the game was going to be on TV anyway, so we went home and I had the game on as I roasted some veges for the week’s lunches. The Hawks played a disciplined and focused game to shut out the Giants, and won the game by some 40 points. The Giants were 3rd on the ladder and we were well in the bottom half, so the win was terrific.

The cold deteriorated and I didn’t want my colleagues to think I was an ass, so I stayed home yesterday. I slept a bit, streamed stuff, and with the little guy next to me, it felt much better. I took him out for a long walk later that arvo. The cold was still getting to me and as I got in this morning, a sneezing spasm seized while I ascended the escalator at the Southern Cross station. That caused me to trip up, and I ended up with an Adidas-styled 3 striped graze. I got into the office, opened up the first aid kit, and washed the wound, sprayed some antiseptic spray, and bandaged up the damage.

It has been that kind of start to the week. Sick and wounded. I hope things get better from hereon in.