Missed birthday, Wimber past, Hawks hanged on

Micah is a beautiful 4-year old boy of my cousin Ruth. Last Saturday, it was his birthday party. Tress and I had wanted to be there, but we only got back from Canberra late on Thursday and there was work to be done around the house. Ruth, Jon and Micah live in Woodend, a pretty little town out yonder at the Macedon Ranges. The 200km round trip requires passing through the CBD and so it takes up to 1½ hours each way. Any event with them would mean a whole day sectioned off.

So we stayed home, and did the work. The overgrown hedges were trimmed and the green bin was so filled I had to “mince” the clippings to pack it all in. After the mowing and sweeping and after Tress had done the weeding and vacuuming, it was close to 2pm when we headed out for lunch.

Back home late arvo, we walked the little fellow. Or rather, I walked him. Tress had gone for her ethereal pursuits but joined us at the oval when she was done. Later that night, we settled down to watch an old Marvel film, trying to catch up with the background of the exhilarating Endgame movie we watched with Kiddo and Mic in Canberra.

On Sunday at St Alf, a speaker named Ken Fish spoke. He was with John Wimber’s ministry many years ago and I remember reading Phillip Jensen’s articles on the issues with those teachings. I sort of thought St Alf is sufficiently (very strongly, in fact) grounded so any “peccadilloes” that may have existed in that stream would probably be well managed. It turned out however, that other than a few claims which sounded extraordinary, Ken was pretty grounded and orthodox in most ways.

After some grocery shopping yesterday arvo, I did a quick wash of the little miata while Tress did some ironing. We then watched the Hawks v Blues game. The first half was distressing but an amazing third quarter display, coupled with the solid O’Meara who was very good through the entire game, we clawed our way back to get ahead by some 17 points, which were chipped away to 5 at the death. A booming punt was marked by a Carlton forward just seconds after the final siren, so we just managed to hang on.

Last night, given how the newly washed MX5 looked so shiny, I took a few pictures and then as I looked at a message from the carsales site, I decided to put those pics and the MX5 in the “for sale” section. It’s officially on the market now…