Easter and Anzac Break in NSW

Easter fell on the same week as Anzac Day this year, so by taking a couple of days off work, we had an extended period of break. We finished up last Thursday and on the morning of Good Friday, we drove up to Canberra. On Easter Sunday, Kiddo and Mic joined us, both our dogs in tow, for a drive up to Bowral. We spent 3 days there, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. F Falls

We visited the Bradman Museum, took in the towns of Bowral, Moss Vale and Berrima, and went to the beautiful Fitzroy Falls. Most of all, we spend really good time together. It was wonderful to note Kiddo and Mic have slowly but surely built a home, family and life for themselves in the capital city.  We also spent some time with Mic’s parents while we were in Canberra.

We trekked back to Melbourne on Anzac Day, reaching home just after 5pm to watch the final quarter of the very exciting Anzac Day game between the Bombers and the Pies, which finished with the Pies narrowly hanging on to a  slim win.

On the way home, as I ploughed through the very dull Hume Highway and as Tress was asleep, my mind toggled amongst various scenes. The settled lives, both of Kiddo and Mic and of Tress and I, slipped in and out of thoughts about what lies ahead. I thought our lives in Melbourne would be a little bit more complete if Kiddo and Mic somehow moved down here. But I was wrong. Their remaining there completes our lives too. In fact, seeing how settled and happy there, made me wonder if being in Melbourne would be any better for them. Being settled and happy is what matters. It didn’t matter where that happens. I’d rather they be away in Canberra and be settled and happy, than being here in Melbourne and being less settled and happy. Being with us matters less than being settled and happy. As I reassured myself of that, listening to the Bombers climbing back to challenge the Pies became more enjoyable. All that mattered then was that we got home safely…