Routine and cretinous family group

It couldn’t have been a more routine weekend. Friday dinner at the local Italian, footy on tele at home thereafter, gardening on Sat morning, lunch and grocery shopping in the arvo, more footy on tele at night, St Alf’s on Sunday morning, footy at the G in the arvo, and back prepping for the week at home on Sunday night.

The details?

Luigi’s pizza is delicious as always and we also had his special gnocchi, which we hadn’t tried before. We doggy bagged the pizza and had it with a couple of eggs for brekky on Sat. It was, somehow, still delicious. The Demons were horrible and the Bombers were better, as the two woeful underperformers battled it out to avoid being the laughing stock after the first couple of rounds.

After the delicious and unusual brekky, I nicked into the local Bunnings to pick up some whipper snipper cords, and quickly did the edging. The flower beds had been messy with overgrown residual grass so the work with the whipper snipper was satisfying. The edges and beds looked neat and after the mowing, it felt much better to see the neat gardens around us.

Our junk food shelf in the pantry was bare so we decided to head to the Glen to pick up some of our Malaysian styled junk food. I had a very ordinary bowl of laksa at the Cinta Ria outlet in the food court, and Tress had some Korean stuff. A bit better, I thought. We took the little jedi for his walk and it was turning out to be a beautiful day so the walk was terrific. The Eagles were machine like perfection in their defeat of the Pies, with the score far less edgy than last year’s Grand Final. It was end of daylight saving so all clocks turned back an hour before we went to bed.

St Alf saw the service changed from its usual format. Peter was preaching in St Luke’s so the communion went on first. It was an all age communion so the liturgy was in much simpler language. It was a bit refreshing, I thought. At the end of his message on 1 Cor 12 (part 2 – of 2 segments) Peter explained why we were doing this stuff. It was to prep for Ken Fish’s sessions later in the month. Ken Fish is one of those healing and deliverance type so frankly, I was a bit surprised he was even coming to give his talks at St Alf’s but I guess that is a testament to the broad church that St Alf’s is. It was really good however, that Peter prepped those talks with the current 1 Cor 12 base.

Tress and I went home after St Alf, and I walked the little fellow while Tress did some laundry, before we headed out for the MCG to watch the Hawks play the Kangaroos.  We got there early, and had lunch there. It had been ages since I had a meat pie – an unadulterated four and twenty  traditional Aussie meat pie – so, having one at the footy, washed down with a good old Carlton, was a terrific feed. Tress had some sushi and we shared some chips. It was still over an hour before the opening bounce, after we finished our grub.

Hawks were woeful in the first quarter with the uncontested possession stats 1:4 against us. 1 goal against their 4 too. That picked up in the second quarter so that we were merely 25% behind. Third quarter saw us fighting back and in the fourth, some magic from Breust (he kicked 5) and Chad Wingard (a Rioli like performance) saw us get up to finish round 3 2-1. Relief.

Over the weekend, a distant relative passed away and we were told via a family messaging group. That family live in Melbourne so there was going to be a wake here. I believe that relative may have attended my late father’s wake so I thought I should return the courtesy. However, when we asked for contact details so we can attend to the wake here in Melbourne, we were given a curt response and basically, given short shrift. I guess we’re so far on the outer in this family group, that we we’re not worth the time to be even provided with mere contact details. I guess the 1 Cor 12 principle of all members of the family being equally important, doesn’t hold in the family group. I have always said to Tress and my sibblings that this group has an inner circle of its own anyway, and more power to them I guess. It’s just strange that even within a family (albeit an extended version) there can be a tribal tendency. Little wonder I have had no wish to attend their once every two years reunion. Just more mutual back patting stuff that flies in the face of hypocrisy.

Other than that little annoying crap from that messaging group, the weekend was just routine stuff.