Crummy weather, good outcomes

For a few moments on Friday night, I wondered if I should have built an ark. Like Noah did. The heavens opened up and it poured heavily – we were going to have dinner in a local Japanese place and thankfully the rains didn’t start until we got home.

Nishikian on Springvale Road has become a favourite of ours and on Friday, we got in a bit early and did some pharmaceutical shopping in a chemist shop nearby. We then just chatted away and ate, mindful that it was going to rain later that night.

The rain continued through the whole of Saturday so my scheduled gardening work had to be abandoned. We took in the wagon for a scheduled maintenance service and we drove around in my little jedi (the white one, not the black one, which is a four-legged variety. The little white jedi is a four wheeled variety) for our grocery shopping that morning. Later that arvo, after we picked up the wagon and had lunch, Tress went for another one of her ethereal pursuits and I cooked the week’s meals to be kept in the freezer. Those curry meals are all stacked away now and we should be ok for the next week or so, lunch wise. After all that cooking and cleaning, the skies cleared up a bit and the sun shone through so I thought I’d take a walk to catch some fresh air, to abate some of the cooking aroma that had enveloped me.

On the way back from the walk, the rain resumed and I got a bit soaked but strangely enough, I kind of enjoyed that. I did have a rain jacket on but it didn’t protect my face and legs much and I just enjoyed walking in the rain, as I felt even more cleansed of all that cooking after effect. Back home, a shower really cleaned and refreshed me and I promptly poured myself a glass of red, finally putting my feet up late arvo. Tress returned soon after and both the little (black) jedi and I felt totally at home and rested then. That evening, we watched the Cats demolish the Dees and the “Trinity” of the Cats look like they are finally delivering, with Dangerfield looking particularly impressive.

Sunday saw the rain continuing a bit, and it remained dark and grey. Ruth McIntosh lead really well and I think she and Peter make the best pairing of lead/preach – or at least they’re my favourite combo. I remained in search mode and I was challenged to continue seeking what needed change in me.

After St Alf’s we trekked into the city for the Hawks’ first home game of the season. We stopped by Melbourne Central for a quick bite, after which we dropped into Li Har’s shop for a chat. She works in a cosmetic outlet in Melbourne Central.

Hawks’ game had an awful ending. The umpire was atrocious and saw us erode a 5-goal leak to lose by 17 points. The Doggies were very good – slick and fast and full of team vigour – but to lose on account of such poor umpiring left a unsatisfactory ending. At least Man United’s win overnight provided some sporting comfort. The first win under Solskjaer’s more permanent reign saw United in the top four – and a Champions League place – for now.

We got home and I got in a quick walk with the (black) jedi while Tress quickly ironed a couple of shirts for me. We then prepped the brekky and settled down to get ready for the week.

The constant and heavy rain, dark and grey skies and cool conditions – it wasn’t great weather, but it did a bit for me. We often need “crappy” weather like this, to allow contemplation of some sort.