Long weekends, longer walks (for the little guy)

The first half of the year is usually good for employees, with well-spaced out public holidays. After the Christmas/New Year break, Australia Day is not far behind. We may lose this, given the liberals’ obsession with changing everything, but for now we have that public holiday. Slotted between that and the Easter break is Labour Day, which was yesterday.

Tress and I had a relatively busy weekend but yesterday, we lounged around all day. I only got a little bit more active at the end of the day, when we brought the little guy to the oval for his walk.

On Saturday morning, we went to look for a piece of furniture. We had the NBN put in a couple of weeks ago and the modems had to be at the corner where the dining table sits and all we had in that corner was a small decorative round table, and those modems sit precariously on it for now, with cables dangling to create a messy looking corner. I had hoped to put in a small shelving unit of sorts, where the modems can be hidden away, and the cable organised more neatly. It has been a while since we looked for furniture so after about half a dozen shops in the Nunawading precinct, we tired of the process and gave up.

We had a “Dinner Tonight” roster at New Hope later that arvo and Shirley from St Alf’s had also asked us to be at the Devenish’s arvo but after the furniture hunt, and given we’d be working at Dinner Tonight later for a few hours, we skipped the Devenish tea event. At New Hope, we did the usual setting up, serving and cleaning. I was in the kitchen and did the vacuuming afterwards and when we walked the little fellow late that evening, I felt we had done the day’s activities.

Sunday we meant to trek into the city to check out an eatery, given the long weekend. On the way in however, the backed-up traffic on the Eastern put us off and we ended up in Shoppo instead. We had lunch on High Street however, in an old Malaysian place. Back at home later that arvo, Tress went out for her ethereal hunt and towards later on, the little guy started becoming twitchy, and nudged me non-stop. It was clear he wanted his walk so I took him to the oval and I enjoyed that walk again.

So the long weekend has seen the little guy get 3 days of long walks. The better weather aside, the public holidays this side of the year is good not only for employees.