Warm days to commence autumn

Some days, I think this global warming thing really is hitting home. Melbourne has been sweltering since Thursday last week, and it was still 18deg this morning as I left home. Since Saturday, images of the fires raging through Bunyip, have been bringing back memories of Black Saturday back in 2009.

Tress and I decided to have Japanese for our Friday end of week dinner, so we can chill with cool Japanese food. It was a really good meal and we went home after that, not stopping to get any breakfast stuff like we often did. So Saturday was off to another eat out. We went to a café operated out of a church premises, which is increasingly common. We hadn’t eaten out for breakfast for years, so it was a pleasant experience.

After brekky, we went home and I cleaned up the gardens – trimmed the back hedges and did the lawns, and Tress vacuumed. We finished up after 1pm and Alex had rung us on Friday night to invite us to his home for his famous stir-fried noodles so we headed out to get some fruits, ice-cream and a sparkling red to bring along with us.

Catching up with Alex and Li Har and their boys was very good as always, and the Hipos were there too so it was good to catch up with them too. We talked, and caught up with what’s happening amongst young kids. Alex and Li Har have 4 boys and the Hipos have 2 girls, both under 10 years old, so talking to them always open up my world to schools and kids’ sports, etc.

On Sunday, after St Alf’s Tress and I headed out to Glenferrie for the Glenferrie Festival. It was bustling, with my highlight being the Hawks’ players signing autographs. It was very hot but we soaked up the atmosphere, walking along the middle of Glenferrie Road to taste, listen, see and engage with the myriads of stalls offering a huge range of products and experiences.

When we got back to our local shopping centre for coffee and my cold cuts for sandwiches this week, I was tired and it was still about 37deg when we got home, so I just sat around at home, drinking copious amount of iced water. When we took the little fellow out for his walk around 6pm, it was still 35deg. LBJ looked tired and walked very slowly, and it was a relief for us all to get back home the house that has had the evap cooler and air-conditioning running in tandem for the past 4 days.

This morning as I was getting in, the train service was messed up. We have also had to use bus replacement service to get the festival at Glenferrie yesterday, so it looks like the already poor service was made even worse. Possibly by the heat also. Some days, this global warming thing appears to hit home.