Rest …

When we got back to Melbourne Sunday before last, Tress and I both felt the cumulative weight of weariness and we white knuckled through the week. So when I suggested we took the weekend to really rest, Tress jumped on it. We had wanted to try and get away but the present Melbourne traffic made it a daunting attempt. Indeed, it turned out that for most of Friday, parts of the Westgate, Princess Highway and Tullamarine highway were dirtied and clogged up traffic everywhere. Melbourne had fast become an Asian city in terms of traffic. I had said as much on Friday arvo, as a few colleagues and I were in a ride sharing car headed to a meeting in the city and we were stuck on Exhibition Street for a while.

So after finding a last minute dinner place on Friday night, Tress and I started unwinding from the balled nerves and tired persons we had become. J&W is slowly building itself into a pleasant little Chinese styled tapas joint and the small crowd there on Friday night made it a good place to just sit back and welcome the weekend.

On Saturday, we slept in, had a leisurely brekky and then headed to the Dandenongs. We visited the rhododendron gardens, walked for a bit and soaked up the sun filled cool morning, and then sat down at the veranda of the cafe in the gardens for a coffee (for Tress) and wine (for moi). We then drove right across town and headed to Hampton beach. The 30 plus km from the hills to the beach was traffic filled but it was worth the while. When we got to Hampton beach, we walked through shopping strip, had a bite, and then headed for the beach for a really nice walk. The local life saving club had a kids sports day of sorts there and the beach teemed with people and activities. AS we walked further along, wind surfers were making the most of the windy conditions. We got back close to 6pm, walked the little guy for a bit, and then went home, feeling rested somewhat.

Sunday after St Alf’s we did our usual lunch and grocery shopping. We also went to Bunnings to top up my gardening supplies and then headed home. Tress took the little guy for a walk as I applied various products for the lawn and plants. Tress had also cooked our lunches and when she headed our for a while to catch some cyber creatures, I took the MX5 out for a spin. As we put our feet up last night, I started to look forward to when we head back to Asia for more holidays with the family. As I sipped a very good bottle of chardonnay, Tress spoke to Kiddo about her phone plan, which was still in Tress’ name. I felt the months that had passed since we were last with Kiddo and Mic so I suggested if catching up would resolve the phone plan transitioning process, I’d be more than happy to either drive up or for them to come down to visit. It sounded like too many kilometers for resolving a phone plan hiccup but being with your kin – and the thoughts or prospect of it – often make it worthwhile. That often provides rest of a certain kind too.