Thank you Meredith Lake

As the days warm up, it gets harder to read on my commutes. Passengers are more awake so they talk more. And louder. Annoying.

So thankfully, and in spite of the very dramatic culmination of the footy season (Grand Final is on Sat) ,I got to the end of the really interesting book by Meredith Lake, “The Bible in Australia”.

The last pages had Tim Winton, Helen Garner, Paul Kelly and Gurumul all in a couple of pages. All Australian artists I have come to know and love. All touched by the Bible. All produced work referencing the Bible. Much as the present day secular world hates to admit, the Bible permeates Aussie culture and has a deep and wide influence on many Australians.

Meredith Lake is a terrific author. Her ideology/philosophy notwithstanding. Her avoidance of deeper theological analysis or reflection notwithstanding. And in spite of her ignoring other aspects of Australian church history which is less ideology/activism centered, and simply working to better the lives of people and bringing them to salvation in Christ.  This has made me want to read more, particularly about Australian arts and indigenous history. Thank you, Dr Lake.