Work while it’s day

At St Alf’s yesterday, I was having a chat with Boyd after the service, when we were waiting for the CMS talk to be given by Wei Han. He asked how long we’ve been in Melbourne. I told him and said we were not quite locals yet, and I discovered he was originally from NSW. That’s the by and by. The main show was the CMS talk, during which we were reminded why an established agency such as the CMS does things differently (with much more rigour) and so goes through a more thorough process, including a long-term renewal plan for its facilities at St Andrew’s Hall in Parkville. The work is ready to go except the funding needs to be sorted out so the shovel is at bay for the time being.

We went to our usual lunch spot after the talk, went and got some grocery, and then went home to walk the little fellow. I resumed my Sunday arvo cook, which I had stopped doing when Tress was away. One-pot meals all divvied up and packed in freezer is making our work week a bit normal again.

We had spent Friday evening a couple of days earlier, at our local Italian with Jason and Mel, who were putting their finishing touches to their temporary re-housing plans. They were going to move into their temporary home (for a year) on Sat, and demolish and redevelop their home.

On Sat, I attended the council meeting and AGM of Steer, for the first time. I had been asked to become a council and board member, as there had been some retirements and they needed new people to come alongside. The meetings only ended after 3, and Tress and I then went to a TAB at the local shopping centre to catch the finish of the Hawthorn-Essendon game. It’s always really good to see us beat the bombers, doubly so as the loss also means they would very likely be out of finals footy. That night, we watched the Swans v Pies game and it was a third game in a row where the margin was under a goal. The Tigers had defeated the Cats, and Hawks beat the Bombers with margins of 3 and 4 points respectively. What a round of footy, as the Sunday games turned out in the opposite trend, with all three winning teams chalking up over 140 points, beating their opponents with 60-100 point margins. It’s shaping up to be an exciting finish to the home and away season, and it’s good to contemplate finals footy again after missing out last year.

At St Alf’s yesterday, Mike had in passing,talked about the other certainty (than taxes) in life. We had started on Ecclesiastes and that point about death was made very poignantly, especially when Tress and Cathy had a chat after that, with the latter also retelling her experiences which were like what Tress’ mum is undergoing. All this reaffirmed my hope and endeavour to do more along the lines of Salvo volunteering, Red Cross blood letting, St Alf duties and Steer board/council participations. I’m just very grateful for these avenues while I am still able bodied. The exhortation about labouring while it is day, hold true as always.