Tress back again, and I’m warm again

Tress came back last night but not before a bit of a drama earlier in the day.

She had checked in and was waiting to board. I had gone to St Alf, nursing a sore back. While I was listening to Peter and she was waiting in the lounge at KLIA, we both got a message that her dad was unwell and was having an irregular heartbeat.

St Alf’s yesterday was a prayer session thingo and I had mulled over whether to seek out a team for prayers for my back, thought probably not as I felt the back easing – the healing was already happening as I was listening to Ginny’s discernment pieces. Funny though, how when I actually had a back ache, there wasn’t anything said about someone having one. When I saw the messages about Tress’ dad however, I decided to go and seek out a team.

Tress was stressed out while waiting to board so I told her what happened at St Alf’s and said she should try not to worry.

After St Alf’s I got some groceries, went home and did a sanger, and walked the little guy a bit before it rained and we both dashed back home. I then did some ironing, vacuumed, and fixed the smoothies for Tress and myself. I then drove to Tulla and picked Tress up. On the way home, she rang home and spoke to her sister and mum. Her dad’s condition has stabilised, and her mum sounded really well, not at all like someone who was undergoing chemotherapy.

It has been great having Tress back. I had tried to fill my weekends while she was away. The weekend she left, we had gone and did the “Dinner Tonight” thing, which zonked us out a bit when it was done. Last weekend it was the Salvo’s Op-shop thing and this last weekend when she returned, I had gone to the Red Cross for my “promoted” session of plasma giving – they now take 900mls. I had a couple of party pies on offer in situ after the donation, and came back to run some errand and pottered around the house before cooking a soupy thing from leftovers in the fridge, for dinner. I had wanted to go to a pub to watch the Richmond v Collingwood blockbuster but ended up chatting with Tress online over some Apple ID issues which came up when she used a couple of mobile sets while in Malaysia.

That night I watched the classic “Man from Snowy River” on Stan. Even on old grainy medium (the movie was shot in 1982) the Victorian highlands looked magnificent. George Miller is an enduring master of his art, and Jack Thompson outclassed – easily – the legendary Kirk Douglas. It was ever so rewarding watching an old classic, as a return to the familiar always feels like a warm blanket. Certainly, last night felt a whole lot warmer with Tress back… yay…