Last week saw me survive the second episode of week 1 of 2, without Tress here in Melbourne. It was made easier by a busy week at work, dinner with Jason and Mel on Friday night and a busy start to a weekend.

Jason and Mel recounted, when we caught up on Friday night, their bumpy week. They picked up a couple of infringement notices for double-parking offences in the local council. I guess the Malaysians in us find it hard to accept that a stationary car is considered a parked car and if one stops in an undesignated area, it is illegal parking. The usual circumstances cited – just picking up someone from a bus/train stop or waiting for a park space to become available – may be the usual things we do but they are illegal stopping of a vehicle. I said to them my way to deal with infringement notices is to pay the fine pronto, which would allow me to move on and put the blinking episode behind me. You can’t hold on to what you need to part with 30 days down the track anyway.

We had a great time of just talking and in spite of the average food, we stayed till it was just after 10pm (we were there from 6.30pm).

On Saturday morning I drove the little jedi and went to the Manningham salvos for my volunteer bus driving of the op shop hop. That took the whole morning and I only left around 1.30pm, heading straight to the shops to pick up some stuff for lunch. Then it was walking the little guy time, and then just being home after that. I toggled between a Pierce Brosnan Bond and the footy, which was super exciting. The cats prevailed after the siren, hauling back a 29 point deficit in the last quarter to beat a demons team all behaving like stunned mullets after the game.

Sunday was very standard fare. Other than having a quick chat with Jo, Mike’s wife, after the service, it was a perfectly normal one. I headed home, made another sanger, went for a long walk with the little guy – it was a sunny arvo – before going home to cook the week’s lunches. With Tress gone I ventured left field and did a sausage casserole with chick peas, mushrooms and tomatoes.

It will be another week before Tress comes home. The little guy has built a rapport with me and to have him on the couch with me every night, has been so comforting. He has taken to waking with me at 4.15 on weekday mornings, going back to the room at 4.30am after his wee and his dentax, coming out at 5.30am for his biscuit and coming to me for his dinner at 6pm, etc etc. He has adjusted to having me attend to his needs, instead of relying on Tress. He’s a smart little furry guy and I’m ever so grateful for him being around.

Yesterday Mike M spoke a little bit about the second coming. His point about Jesus having kept all of his other promises to date and would surely keep this one about coming again, resonated well with me, particularly the joiner about him coming to judge. I’m now reading Brian Rosner’s “Known by God” has a sort of similar theme running alongside and it’s behoves me to pay heed.

Second week of Tress being away for the second time sort of gels with a second coming message I guess.