1 down, another to go

I’ve survived a whole week alone, with only the wonderful company of our little harry boy. He’s been such a sweetie I’ve wondered how I’d cope without him, while Tress spends time with her family back in Klang.

On Friday night, I caught up with Jason and Mel for dinner and while it’s different to our normal Friday night dinners in that it was just 3 of us, it was still very good just talking and eating at the end of a busy week at work for all of us. We caught up in a little local Italian restaurant near our home and spent well over 3 hours talking – about Tress’ mum, their nieces’ weddings, their plans to build their new home and their search for temporary abode, we just talked and caught up.

Seeing it was a weekend with little planned, I indulged myself by watching the world cup games in bed, and slept in till about 8.30am. After a slow brekky I did some house cleaning – vacuuming and wiping down surfaces etc. It was a gloomy day with splatters of light rain and after a leisurely morning of cleaning, I got cleaned up myself and headed out for some grocery shopping. I then dropped into the local library to look for a replacement book, as I found it hard to get into stride with Richard Flanagan’s book about fish. I didn’t find any so I came back and just spent the late arvo and early evening reading and watching tele. More world cup games followed but I couldn’t keep up with the night games. I did however, catch the magnificent Germany v Sweden game and Kroos’ goal at the death which saved the Germans, was a spectacular finish to a thoroughly entertaining game. I’m far more engaged with this world cup – most probably because I’m alone and looking for the familiar to be engaged.

Wei Han spoke at St Alf’s – the only Asian ordained minister amongst our community – and as usual, delivered something that I found hard to simply say “good teaching”. His material usually leaves one either quickly moving on or thinking so what do I do now. I went back after St Alf, fixed myself another toastie, then took the little guy for a walk. It remained very grey but it was dry so I took the opportunity to walk him. I then went back to the library again and this time picked out the Aussie classic, “Eucalyptus”. I guess the series of Winton books I got into has whetted my appetite for Australian work but somehow Richard Flanagan didn’t do it for me –not the way Winton, Keneally, Hughes, Clive James, Blainey and others did.

I got in this morning, early as usual but “beaten in” by a colleague who got in for the start of an annual ISO audit that would go on all week. My boss also returned to work after about 3 weeks away and was this morning telling us about some of his experience. He had been to Europe and Morocco and it sounded like a very good holiday, although (and I am pleased to say as I feel vindicated) he also told us of the usual predicaments – long immigration queues, being ripped off by shady characters in airports, train stations and hotels, lost luggage, currency mix-up’s etc.

I’ve another week to survive without Tress. It should be a busy week at work and there are many more exciting world cup games coming up so I hope I’d come through ok again.