Lose ends – messy and neat finishes

On Saturday we gave the house a good cleaning, so that it’s a bit less uncomfortable for Kiddo and Mic when they visit over the coming long weekend.

We left the cleaning half way to go see a property near the Dandenongs. It was very nice and we both liked it a lot but it was already under offer. So we headed for lunch, headed to our usual shopping haunt where I got a hair cut and then went home to finish the vaccuming etc.

We kept going until it was time to leave for the MCG to catch the Hawks’ opening game of the new season. It was great as we beat a mistake prone Collingwood team. We didn’t get home to way past 11pm, and caught an old classic with Harrison Ford before heading to bed really late.

The next day after St Alf’s we went home to catch up on office work. One of the lawyers who would finish up this week, dropped some last minute unattended work on yours truly so I had to put aside the arvo on a Sunday to get it done. It got frustrating when there were issues with my office VPN and half way through working, I was kicked out of the system and I had to work blind. Tress took the little guy out as I as blowing off steam and I myself took a walk across the oval to watch a soccer match. A little while later we came back and I resumed my work. I eventually got the work done and this morning came in even earlier to cross check that those bits I did blind were ok.

I had become so cross with that lawyer that I am yet to speak with her today. She had left the work undone although she had said to me earlier in the week that she would do it and then she went for a seminar unnecessarily when work was left undone, and then called in sick the next day. So she blew off two days’ work and I had to pick up the pieces. If she reached out I would accept any form of olive branch but as of now, I have not bothered to even look at her. I had not done anything beyond a cursory “good morning” when she came in – late – this morning. It simply isn’t a good way to check out for her. A lose end with a messy finish.

Tress took some time off this morning to do something about her Malaysian citizenship. A bit of tying up another lose end I guess. I had done mine several years ago and she has now done it too. We have cut yet another string in our diminishing ties with Malaysia.