My Father in law

He’s one of the sweetest, most gentle and agreeable men I know. A shrewd and astute businessman, he shines in providing for his family. So today as I watch him lie on a hospital bed with tubes going in and out of him, my heart ached. I was relieved when I witnessed Tress caress his forehead as he lay on his bed, heavily sedated in the intensive care unit of a hospital near his home here in Klang. Relieved because we get a chance to be with him and hopefully see him get better.

Tress and I flew out here early this morning. After battling past the immigration/customs blockades and the usual Klang Valley peak hour traffic, we got into his home just before 7pm, had a quick bite to eat and headed out to the hospital to see him. A short while ago the family got together to pray for him. I’m so proud of my in laws. They’re all such godly people now. Seeing how they are in immersed in the faith is so comforting. The battles rage on to see God’s hand in all of this but as the first book said, it is all good.

There are lots to write about and I hope to do so before too long.