Warm, sultry weekend, thoughts about visiting home

It has been very warm in Melbourne. Towards the end of last week it crept past the 40deg mark and life appeared much hazier as I stumbled around trying to keep focused and cool.

So when I left work on Friday night it was a sultry Melbourne CBD, the alleged cool change notwithstanding. That cool change crawled in but did not make its way to our neck of the wood till much later. By then we’ve had dinner with Jason and Mel and the Hipos at the newish restaurant near our home.

We then went home and watched the tennis, seeing the bad boy of Aussie tennis get into the next round. He’s been eliminated overnight so Australia continues its barren run in its own backyard.

Saturday we slept it as usual, took our time and lumbered around to work ourselves into the weekend housework. After walking the little guy, Tress did truckloads of weeding, and then went in to do the vacuuming. I did some edging along the lawns, trimmed the conifer golden hedges and the “cloud” hedges and generally worked the whipper snipper through the areas where the grass had crept into. Finishing with the mowing and sweeping took its toll on me – the hear and humidity thrashed me around and after cleaning up after 2pm I felt tanked.

Lunch at our usual place (Madam K) refueled us and after some grocery shopping we went home, walked the little guy again and finished the day with the tennis again.

I woke early on Sunday to catch the tail end of the Man City and Newcastle game, and again lumbered into the day after that. At St Alf’s the conditions remained sultry so it was surprising to me I could and did follow events closely.

I’ve been wanting to see if I could do more this year, to serve. Being in St Alf makes that head because everywhere you look, people are more knowledgeable, more experienced and appear to be more equipped to do much more than you. I just don’t feel I would be of use in any real sense of the word, compared with just about anyone. It feels I could just sit my way through my time there and everyone would have been equally ministered to, or even better ministered to.

We stumbled into Jason and Mel again at the lunch place after St Alf’s and so shared a table with them. They too, sound like they remain on the periphery of their congregation…

We went to the Bunnings store at Nunawading after lunch – I had wanted to look for some bird spikes to place around our deck as I’m sick of those minahs dropping their stuff around our deck. I couldn’t decide what would work best however so we parked that project.

After the usual cooking (for me) and ironing (for Tress) yesterday arvo, we just whiled away the day because it remained warm and humid. When we walked the little guy late in the arvo it stayed humid so we went home quickly too.

Tress had been exchanging messages with her little sister back home, with news of her dad’s being unwell. So we’ve upped our toying thoughts about visiting in the next few weeks. It would be CNY time too. Hopefully he gets better soon but as always, thoughts about being with the family always excite. Hopefully we get to see more of the family soon.