Big wet (and other battles?)

The “big wet” dominated the column inches a couple of days before its scheduled emptying. Friday was supped to see the start of a 3-day downpour that was meant to unleash the whole summer’s rain in a little over a weekend.

A couple of weeks earlier, Metro had put out notices saying repair and maintenance works would see bus replacements between Richmond and Camberwell on my line, which would add up to 70 minutes to my commute time. Each way.

The two-pronged assault to disrupt our otherwise relatively uneventful start to the summer lead the entire legal team to work from home last Friday. It was the first time it happened. I had hardly worked from home anyway – just the once to attend to some repair work after an attempted break in and that was it.

So on Friday last week I slept in, worked from home and watched the rain. For lunch, I picked Tress up from her work to get something nearby. We ended up having yum cha – something we hadn’t done for a while. The rest of the day was pretty quiet, some emails from work attended to without too much grief.

The rain continued (escalated) on Saturday as we slept in, went in to Box Hill to pick up stuff to cook for the next weeks’ lunches and catch a bite to eat. We hadn’t been to Box Hill for a while and it took some getting used to, especially the grotty car park and the general hustle and bustle. We got home before noon and Tress cleaned the bathrooms while I vacuumed. A couple of hours later we cleaned up, and headed to Madam K’s for lunch before just whiling away some time at another shopping place. I wanted to catch Australia’s second match against the English but it was one of those new fangled day/night tests so it would start till after 2pm and would go on till 10pm anyway so I had plenty of time to catch up and watch quite a few overs even with all the loitering around.

It was strange to see Smith standing so close to Anderson, the veteran bowler who was standing virtually at the outside line of the crease on the non-striker’s end. It was a flashpoint to the usual Ashes contest and though Smith got out at a relatively meagre 40, the Aussie still managed to go past 400 by late yesterday arvo so I guess the contest remain tilted in favour of the Aussies for now.

Early on Sunday morning I peeked at United’s 3-1 lead against the Gunners, at the latter’s home. It was a cracked of a game and I caught up with the rest of the game yesterday arvo, after returning from St Alf’s and lunch. I spent the rest of the arvo cooking big pots of glass noodles dressed with a salty pork mince-mushroom sauce. The pots were huge and we packed away some 12 serves so I guess we’re set for maybe even 2 weeks.

My left wrist had been ginger the whole weekend and during the cook yesterday arvo, the grief got to a debilitating state. I could barely lift anything with any weight and so Tress did the washing up and I did most stuff with the other hand. For the rest of the evening and night, I dressed the writs in a band of sort and I can only be grateful I drove in to work again this morning, which meant I was spared the lugging of my backpack across platforms etc.

I still had the wrist band on this morning and the boss caught sight of it and muttered something along the lines of “another battle on the weekend?”. Other than public transport/weather and the Ashes, I don’t have too many battles for now. That’s pretty good but that also probably mean I am not being sharpened much. In some ways, the wait continues.