Summer beckons

It was warm on Friday night when we got home. Even though it was a short working week, Tress and I both felt ready for the weekend, but first we had to bring the little furry ball to the vet for his annual jab and an allergy to be looked at.

We were both a little stressed when the accommodation we booked for the Christmas break fell through and we were trying to think of alternatives.

When we left the vet after 7pm, we got a bite and picked up my prescription sunnies. It was my first multifocal prescription sunnies and I can now drive and see normally without the glare of the Aussie sun.

Saturday was going to be sunny and Tress had signed up for a ladies’ brunch talk at St Alf’s so I had planned to do some greens tidying. We had our usual weekend brekky at home, watched a little bit of the Honduras v Australia World Cup qualifying match then Tress did a quick vacuum before leaving for the brunch talk. She and I took the hardtop off the MX5 before she left and then I went about trimming, mowing and sweeping.

Tress got home a bit after 1pm, and just after 2pm, I got cleaned up and we both then headed to our usual Madam K thingo, before doing our usual grocery shopping and then headed home. I spent the rest of the arvo cleaning up the drain holes of the MX5 soft top before ending the day by watching Ben Affleck’s very weird “The Accountant” on Netflix.

Sunday was an all-age service at St Alf’s and Ross Curnow’s tailored message worked a treat for me. After lunch and a bit more grocery shopping we went home and I did the usual cooking for the week. It remained warm as we caught a Paul Kelly documentary on ABC. I had listened to him again in recent months and watching that doco affirmed my views that he really is Australia’s answer to Paul Simon in many ways. “From St Kilda to King’s Cross” became an ear worm even as I typed this early on Monday morning. It’s a treat.

I hope we find something suitable in Sydney for the Christmas break. Otherwise it’d be two weeks of just lazying around in Melbourne. That’s not a bad thing actually, provided however that we plan things well, especially to spend time with Kiddo, Mic as well as Tress and the Little Black Jedi.