Tigers, Lighter Days Ahead

A weekend of manic footy activities saw the end of the footy seasons – the AFL south of the Riverina and NRL over across on the north side. The Tigers got up and Punt Road was rocking from Saturday night. Although I spent a few years in Sydney, I never latched on to the rugby league and so I was surprised that I sat through the grand finale last night. I guess it was the fairy tale swan song for the triumvirate of Melbourne Storm which interested me. The retiring trinity of Cameron Smith, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk didn’t disappoint as they turned on their magic to beat the Cowboys.

Over in Melbourne, the Grand Final meant a long weekend. Daniel Andrews came into government and introduced the Friday off from 2015. On Friday, I took advantage of the day off and did loads of work cleaning and tidying the outside of the house. On Friday it was trimming the James Stirling so that the 7-foot green wall is now a close cropped picture of tidiness, mowed the lawn, swept the deck, porch and driveway and mulched a bit of the front area. I finished up by washing Tress’ car as we’d probably use it for the St Alf camp later this week.

The next day – Grand final day – I got into Bunnings a bit after 7, and got some more mulch and stuff to scrub down the deck. I couldn’t clean the deck properly the day before so I thought some specialist cleaning stuff may help. So while Tress went to see Simon the hairdresser I gave the deck a good scrub, did some more mulching and when Tress got home we got cleaned up and went out for lunch and some shopping – getting stuff done before the opening siren for the Tigers’ quest for their first flag in 37 years.

During shopping while at the checkout a Chinese lady cut in across in front of us, from the checkout line next to ours. I looked at Tress and said to her I couldn’t believe that lady just did that. I started complaining about what she did, getting louder as my anger built up. That lady finally turned around and would you believe it, started getting defensive and when I said she didn’t even say sorry or anything she muttered something like she’s saying sorry now. I confronted her more and asked her not to do that ever again (which she said that was the first time she did that. Ok…). I hope I made her so uncomfortable she would never do that ever again.

We got home, sang along with Mike Brady’s “Up There Cazaly”, watched the exciting game, and then after the game took the little guy to the oval and joined the boys and girls who were doing some kickabout. It was a grey day but Grand Final day – even when your team is not involved – is always special.

We also caught up with the Hipos and Chews again on Friday night. As we all had the day off, we decided to trek to Bentleigh for some Malay food. The nasi kandar Tress and I had was very good and everyone enjoyed their food. It was a long drive and as good as the food was, I wasn’t sure we’d be back anytime soon. I just tend to look for the nearer option. I don’t know if that is just reflective of my propensity for the convenient solution, as opposed to quality solution, or simply that where food is concerned, I don’t think it is important enough for me to trek outside a certain distance.

At St Alf’s yesterday Mike had a chat on stage with an Iranian migrant. His wife and he were Muslims from Iran, became Christians when they were still there, came here some 15 years ago when his wife attended Monash Uni and he now works with an Iranian congregation just up the street from St Alf’s. It was a compelling story.

I did my cooking yesterday as Tress took the little fellow out again, and in the evening as I sat to watch the Storm swarmed over the Cowboys, I started a countdown of sorts. It’s now October, daylight saving just started and I’m again looking forward to the summer, especially over Christmas when Kiddo and Mic will visit and we’d go for a road trip of sorts.