Coopers’ Cats and Giants

Many months back the Hipos introduced to this very little Thai restaurant near their home. It’s a tiny hole in the wall joint, with not more than half a dozen small tables seating maybe 15-20 persons tops. The food however, is big on flavor and freshness and we’ve been back numerous times without ever being disappointed. Last Friday night, after a long and tiring week, I was so tired I couldn’t decide what I’d like to do and Tress couldn’t either so I got home, and after a short while we rang this Thai place and found ourselves gorging on the usual very delicious fares.

We went back after dinner to watch the Cats demolish the Swans. Dangerfield was moved into a full forward position and he gobbled up everything, kicking 4 goals before the first half was over.

It was very cold and wet on Saturday morning so there wasn’t much we could do except sleep in and wander around the home. I ended up wiping down stuff and gave the fridge and turbo oven a good cleanup. I scrubbed, wiped, dried and generally tried to make the most of the wet and miserable morning.

We drove up towards the Dandenongs again to look at a couple of properties and later that arvo we took the little guy to a dog sitter’s home in Ashwood to check it out. We haven’t left him with someone for a while now but with the St Alf camp coming up we needed to find something again. The dog sitter had a lovely home but we found out he had just lost one of his two four legged companions earlier that day. He looked very sad and his home is generally very warm and pleasant so we’d probably leave him there when we go for the camp in a few weeks’ time.

Back home, the weather had turned pleasant and so we did a quick tidying up of the garden. I did a quick mow, trimmed some plants and checked out the new edging work we had someone do recently. I hope the lawn and other plants hold out and thrive this summer. I am kind of looking forward to putting in more time and effort to generally spruce things up a bit more.

Later that night we watched GWS kill off any chance Sam Mitchell’s Eagles might have harbored. It looks like the top 4 teams would hit out for the GF spots again. I hope it’s a Cats v Tigers Grand Final.

On Sunday we took advantage of a gloriously Sunday morning and did some washing and so ran a touch late for church. We had Bernie Power talk about Islam and after that we drove to Narre Warren South, to help organize the Coopers’ home. Mike Cooper has been ill and is organizing for his home and caravan to be sold to pay for Annie his wife’s care in a home. They have loads of stuff in their garage and driveway so Tress and I drove out east and spent a few hours helping them in bits and pieces.

We got back close to 6pm, and got around getting ready for the work week. Working with Mike Cooper was a blessing for me. For the first time in a long time, I did something I didn’t want to do because it’d be helpful for someone who was virtually a stranger. The saying that it is more blessed to give than to receive, was more real than it has been for me for a very long time. So while he kept saying what a blessing Tress and I were to him and his Annie, I really felt – the whole time – that I was the one who was really blessed.

I came in to work just before 7am, as I usually do, and started immediately on that piece of work in which my boss was personally invested. A Fair Work claim had come in last week and the allegation included some personal stuff about my boss so not only has the work fallen on my desk, my boss’ personal involvement has given rise to a few other complications, which meant even more to work on.

So the morning flew past, and as I wrote this up quickly over lunch, Mike Cooper has accidentally rang me on my phone about 5 minutes ago to remind me life is indeed a tapestry that can be rich and full of experience.