Luigi, Hodgey, Prosper and LBJ

Some weeks, I feel totally flat by Friday arvo. On such weeks, I’d like to go somewhere I can feel at home for a meal. This little Italian place as the crow flies from our home, has become such a place. I’d drop the owner proprietor cook a note on FB some time during the day and the reservation’s done. Tress and I go there on average once a month and last Friday night when we went there it was a great way to just unwind. The food there is always fresh and delicious and Luigi and his crew – Italian accent and all – always make the occasion relaxed and enjoyable.

After dinner we went back home to watch Hodgey’s final game. The General was to retire, along with Bob Murphy and Matt Boyd, were all playing their last game. Josh Gibson was retiring too but he was still injured and so didn’t play. It was good to see Hawks win their final game of the season – against the Doggies – notwithstanding we’re missing out on finals footy for the first time in years. I regretted not going for the game but Friday night games have become a big challenge now, and I had mistakenly thought it was an away game as it was at the Etihad, when it was in fact a home game.

The next morning I went for the men’s breakfast meeting, and listened to a guy called Prosper Sebafundi talk about his journey, leaving Rwanda first for Congo and then to Australia, becoming successful here in Melbourne. After the talk, Tress and I went and kept our appointment with our tax consultants to submit our returns, before heading further out east to look at a potential property. We had last Thursday, agreed to sell a property not far from our home and we thought we’d put it back in something a bit bigger but a bit further out.

The weather was very ordinary right through the weekend and we could only manage short quick walks with the little fellow. It was the same yesterday – it was bucketing down for much of the morning and when Tress was away for a lunch with come ex-colleagues, I had to ward off the little fellow’s nudges and say to him we’ll go out when the weather clears up and when Tress was home. Tress got home a bit after 3pm and we managed a quick walk before coming back home to set up for the week.

It would be another busy week – the Group CEO transition means the usual cycles are disrupted and work is going to be a bit more frantic but such is life…