Cranmer and Suits

For the most part the reformation had been, for me, about Luther and his 95 theses against the catholic church in the 16th century. In recent weeks however, the once woolly knowledge I had about Cranmer (through less than close reading of articles on Cranmer by Phillip Jensen some years ago) took a more front and center position, as St Alf lined up a series of talks to commemorate the 500 years since the reformation by focusing on the English experience.

The small group we’re in have also been talking about this at some length so both Tress and I have become a little more acquainted with the English chapter. Certainly, I now know Henry VIII as more than just the polygamous king his reputation branded him. The takeaway so far, has to be how sacrificial the lives of the likes of Tyndale, Ridley and Cranmer were, which Mark Sneddon said were really reflective of what the life of Jesus was like. Together with the old hymns and original liturgy, the service yesterday was really good.

We went to a café near the Blackburn Station for lunch thereafter, picked up some frozen foods from Madam K after that and went back to walk the little fellow. It was very balmy and even a little sunny so we extended the walk before coming home to binge on Netflix. We don’t have anything we really wanted to watch but on Friday night, we had started with the first season of Suits and surprisingly, Tress was more hooked than I was and we ended up watching 1½ seasons of episodes through till last night. We stopped only to fix the smoothie brekky for today and my sangers for lunch today.

On Sat morning we took the Mx5 in to a workshop to have it checked out and changed some fluids. I was very happy to hear the mechanic say the car needed no work whatsoever and he only changed the engine oil and put in some additives and gave me some advice on the tyres. Later that arvo we took the hard top off and went for a short cruising drive with the soft top down and it was loads of fun. I can’t wait till summer comes along. Later that night we caught up with the Hipos and Chews again. We were at a Chinese restaurant which reminded me a lot of what KL was like. The car park was full and appeared chaotic, the restaurant was loud, noisy and diners spoke on top of their voices and got even louder as the evening wore on, and the food was served in a way which suggested messing up the spaces on your table wasn’t a problem for them. The company was good however and I had another opportunity to play with the Hipos’ kids, which was quite fun.

Kiddo has just finished the last of the essays/assignments and wont have anything due for a couple of months so I hope she has some kind of down time and need to “only” worry about how to deal with classroom peppered with kids from all sorts of challenging background. I hope the warmer days also make life easier for her and Mic in the cold plains of Canberra.

Cranmer and Suits make a very strange combination for a weekend. I think they may even be at polar ends of each other, of sorts.