Tyndale, Cranmer … Moi leh?

It was a busy week at and out of work last week. I’d teed up dinner on Friday with Jason & Mel and the Hipos at a Malaysian restaurant in Donvale so we met there and enjoyed a good meal and great company. Jess however, looked stressed and distracted. She has been planning a fundraising event for her employer, a religious not-for-profit, which was going to happen on Sat night. It was also to be her swansong with that employer. Her kids however, have been warming up to Tress and I in the past couple of years so they were playing with us at the dinner. They were to come to our home on Sat morning too, as Jess had Gerry help with the event on Sat morning.

When they arrived shortly before 9am, Tress and I were just finishing up our usual Sat morning brekky and coffees. After settling them down, we took them to the playground across the street and then a walk through the ovals thereafter. When we got back, Tress selected some kids shows on Netflix and I went out to do some work on the garden. Early in the arvo, after Tress and I both got cleaned up we had home made chee-cheong-fun with Gerry and the girls also joining in. Then it was off for some grocery shopping. That night we watched some mindless vengeance flick on Netflix – with Mark Wahlberg spearheading some gratuitous shooting on some purported vigilante styled investigation. It was a contrasting finish to a very lovely family orientated day…

On Sunday Peter gave a very informative talk on the English experience of the Reformation, focusing on the work of William Tyndale who was martyred for translating the New Testament and parts of the Old Testament into the English language. He also had the NT in different languages – Latin, Greek and old English – displayed on the stage, for us to look at after the service. It was a sobering lesson of a life lived sacrificially in honour and obedience to one who had also lived likewise.

After St Alf’s we went back to the Friday dinner venue for lunch before doing a bit more grocery shopping. We had also wanted to hide in a shopping centre – it was grey and blowy outside, and cold too. We had also wanted to get something to “celebrate” the little fellow’s birthday. The conditions got a bit better and we went home, took the little fellow for a walk, before coming home to cook the week’s meals while following the footy on TV. We witnessed the Hawks’ demise this season – finals footy are well and truly buried.

As I was lying in bed last night, I thought again about William Tyndale. As I look forward to next week’s segment on Thomas Cranmer I thought again about whether my daily/weekly routines are all there is to what I need to do. It feels – strongly – there has to be more to this.