My Miata

I was at Ivanhoe East with Phil and was about to take off when it hit me that it was happening. I was absolutely indulging myself in doing this. As I climbed into the low-lying seat and started the engine, my heart raced a little. I could not quite believe that for maybe only the second time in my life, I did something purely and simply for fun, to indulge in my fantasy.

Back in 1999 from the moment Andy Cole made it absolutely sure with United’s third goal against the grand old lady in Turin, I dreamt of watching them in the final in Nou Camp. Somehow Lawrence from the club secured tickets, offered me one, and away I went to Gaudi city. I remember walking along the La Rambla one morning and thinking how could that all be real – I was in Barcelona to watch United play in a Champions League final. To actually be there at the Nou Camp, seeing Solskjaer tuck in Teddy’s across the goal mouth header to win it in added time, was to indulge in a realised fantasy pure and simple.

When I pulled into Blackburn in the the MX5 – my Miata – I felt like Solskjaer sliding on his knees to celebrate that memorable goal. It was realised fantasy, pure and simple.