Allopurinol, Dunkirk and Masterchef

I was crook towards the end of last week. It has been a while since the ogre of gout paid me a visit. I have been on allopurinol for a few years and sometimes, when I get a new prescription, I chuck the remaining few tablets from the old bottle into the new batch. Maybe the older tablets lose their potency and I wonder if some older tablets had been taken together with a large serve of mussels on Wednesday night because on Thursday morning I woke with that plight that is a classic gout symptom.

The attack was timely as I had been low on my tablets and it forced me to see a doctor to get a new prescription. Tress had suggested a friendly bulk bill doctor very near our home so I went on Friday morning and got my tables refilled. It also meant I had much needed rest especially on Friday. We decided to go watch “Dunkirk” that night and before that, we caught up with the Hipos and Chews in the Glen area. Jess had decided to return to CBM for a little while and so took the occasion as an opportunity to “celebrate” over a meal. We fought the mad traffic in the Glen area and I was just griping with Tress the whole time about why anyone would visit that spot especially on a Friday night. We hadn’t been there for a while and I honestly don’t miss it very much at all. It was very good none the less, to have caught up with our dear friends. After dinner we drove back to Blackburn and caught Christopher Nolan’s fantastic “Dunkirk” at FHC – with new recliner seats to boot.

On Saturday Tress did the laundry and I did the vacuuming after which we drove to the Yarra Valley again, and had a very good arvo of lunch and just driving through the area. Back home I walked the little jedi and then settled down to an old Cate Blanchett movie on Netflix. Following the Hawks online – a win over Freo – was a bonus.

On Sunday we heard Chris Mulherin speak on Science and Religion. He was very good and it made me want to read guys like John Lenox and Alistair McGrath again. After lunch we did our usual grocery shopping and cooking for the week, before settling down to watch yet another Malaysian making her way to the grand finale of the “Masterchef” series. That grand finale episode comes on tonight and it makes a good “something to look forward to” on a back to work Monday…