Ploughing On…(where’s the Kit Kat)

I feel as though Tress and I need to get away for a break. Yesterday arvo as I went for my usual lunchtime walk, I felt tired. Tired like I needed a holiday tired.

A few weeks ago a colleague made a remark that it was good I could take some time off over the Easter weekend and the week thereafter. In reality that was one of those energy sapping periods. I may have been away from work for about a week and a half but that time off work saw plenty of stress and angst from the goings and comings in and out of Canberra and Melbourne. Certainly, the weeks leading up to the Easter weekend primed us well to a near complete depletion of energy. By the time the last of the guests left Melbourne about a couple of weeks later, I had pretty much looked forward to weekends just so Tress and I could have time for ourselves and not have anything or anyone to look after or worry about.

Yet weekends are often busy and there is no rejuvenating rest. Weekends gave us a breather of sorts but we promptly pick up the pace and pressure again with little or no let up. We have even turned down Sunday night or mid-week catch ups with our friends as I just could not fathom expending energy on those activities when a full week or day’s work beckons the next day. I guess the attempted break-in of our home, and the resulting work arising from the damaged door/installation of security door, also added to the load and pressure.

As we keep our heads down and chug along, the constantly tired state meant it is easy to “lose it”. This morning, after my usual short exercises, I went to the fridge to pick up the containers with my brekky and lunch. I usually leave them on the benchtop as I showered and changed, and on the way out, pick them up and drop them in my backpack. For some reason, I must have left the lid of the brekky smoothie bottle undone the night before. As I picked up the bottle, the bottom fell away from the lid and the content – about 500ml of thick delicious smoothie – spilled across the kitchen/dining floors.

The cleanup meant not only would I miss my smoothie brekky but I was also late for my usual 5.45 train. I was very crossed with myself and as I cleaned up, I was very frustrated and constantly reminded myself to choose not to respond negatively.

The cascading effects of the little accident drained me even more and when I got into the office, my sense of tiredness amplified.

As I typed this over lunchtime, I wondered what I could do to deal with this sense of tiredness. It would be nice to get away for a few days but that would not be an option for at least the next 6 weeks or so. Maybe Tress and I can have a longer breather – like maybe just take a Friday or Monday off and go away. Just she and I. And maybe the little black jedi.