Smith’s Misses, Mid Winter, Warm Scotch

What’s the odd of the same player having the last kick of the game, the outcome of which is the decider, against the same opponent, two seasons running? Tress and I were at the qualifying final against Geelong last year, when Isaac Smith missed a set shot at the siren. A goal would have won it but as it turned out we went out in straight sets, with the Doggies beating us next up and went on to win the flag. On Saturday arvo, Smith was at it again. He took a mark and instead of lining up for an easier set shot, ran and kicked – and missed again, and the Cats won by 3. It would have been an unbelievable win for Hodgey’s 300 which was why we went for the game although it wasn’t a home game and I had to blow a tidy sum for the tickets.

Earlier that morning I had painted the inside of the front door, the security door having been installed the day before. That completed the works following the damage about a week and a half earlier so Tress and I both felt much better – safer – with all that done. I had taken Friday arvo off – worked from home – for the security door people to do the work, and later that night Tress and I went to the Food Republic again for a very good and unwinding dinner.

After getting back from the G on Sat, I walked the little fellow as Tress prepared some fruits to bring to Alex and Li Har’s. We also stopped by to get some barbequed meats and as usual, there were a group of people we didn’t know or didn’t know well. It was good just to catch up with Alex and Li Har and their boys. Alex was serving very good scotch and his guests – Sino files – urged me to have a go at having it with hot water. I had a shot that way but switched immediately to cold water (no ice was on offer). I just didn’t get scotch with hot water and for the rest of the night, I regretted that first shot as it did something to my palate or roof of my mouth that still lingers even as I type this. But his friends were great people and both Tress and I had fun, even if the crowd takes some getting used to.

Sunday we had a short service in St Alf’s – the annual post holiday program (“Going Bananas”) Sunday, after which we did our usual rounds of lunch, grocery shopping and Sunday ironing/cooking. Lunch were hot noodle soups – a big bowl of fish head noodle for Tress and a big bowl of “Loh Mee” for yours truly. Both were fantastic winter warmers and were great for a cold, windy and gloomy day. We’re apparently at midpoint of winter and for the first time since we moved here all those years ago, I have felt the cold this winter. I have often found myself with two woollen jumpers on top of a fleecy top of some sort while at home and have taken to wearing a hat in the morning when I stand at tram stops. At St Alf’s yesterday we chatted with a member who has a property in Upwey, at the Dandenong ranges. As I found out weeks/months ago, my dream of having a home in that part of the world isn’t so left field and that chat confirmed for me yet again, that my dream – arrived at without having spoken to anyone prior – is one many have chased.