Mark Chua

Around noon yesterday I saw a message appear on my mobile. It was from Ben, Tress’ brother. It said Mark Chua, a minister in the Malaysian Methodist fraternity, has died. He is very young. I don’t think he is anywhere near 60 years of age.

Mark heads up the ministry in a local parish in KL city. He spent many years in my home town as the local English speaking congregation minister. More importantly, I grew up with Mark as my mentor. I owe a lot to Mark for my early spiritual formative years. He taught me the basic stuff. He laid the foundation for my growth. I remember being in very small groups of 3-4 persons in discussions on different books of the scriptures, all lead by Mark Chua.

I have found it difficult to refer to him as Rev Dr Mark Chua, which he is. Or was, for many years now. He was always Mark Chua to me because he was like my older brother who showed me the ropes. He remains someone I seek here in Melbourne – one who can still be that older brother to whom I can turn to occasionally when I needed advice in my walk with the Lord.

Last night I said to Tress I wish I was returning to Malaysia for the final farewell to Mark. I’m sure I am not the only one as social media and instant messaging channels conveyed news of his very sudden and totally unexpected death.

Goodbye Mark. Reverend Dr Mark Chua – onya…