Working from home

I’m sitting at my dining table trying to do some work, as a carpenter chips and drills away. Working from home isn’t ideal in getting work done but our home was broken into a few days ago. Or more accurately, someone tried to break in. In the process, the front door – an old solid and heavy wooden monstrosity – was damaged. It couldn’t be repaired so we ordered a new one in, which is being fitted as I type this.

Next will be the security grill door. I’m afraid Melbourne has ceased being s safe place to live in. Time was when we could sometimes forget to lock the front door as we slept. That has ceased to be something we could take for granted.

Yesterday arvo Tress and I trekked into the city after St Alf’s. Tress’ cousin Adrian’s one year old celebrated his birthday at a joint in the city, just a block from the Spenser Station, so we took the train in. The free flow of alcohol, along with a planned work from home today, meant I tossed aside any caution and “went with the flow”. When we got home, I crashed into the couch and slept, waking up only to change into more appropriate sleep clothes.

On Sat we were at the Hipos’ and they served up a very delicious (and so rich) Japanese meal. We brought along a sake and some fruits and it was lovely catching up. The best bit however, is just the continuing development of the friendship we share and the growing trust and closeness including with their two lovely girls. The little one (a 2 year old) even invited me to “kill the crocodiles” as she handed me a plastic samurai sword. I’ve always frowned on little kids being given toy weapons so I tried to change the game into one of “shooing” the crocs instead of killing them but the fun was a bit diminished so we promptly switched back to the more bloody mode.

On Friday night Tress and I went to Via Matta again, after I was held up at Spenser as yet another track intruder held up thousands of commuters during peak rush hour. Everyone just wanted to go home after a long week. Luigi and VM was his usual gracious and generous self as we enjoyed his fares.

The door looks ok – but there’s a heap of mess to clean up. I guess that’s why I’m home today…g