Cold, Tree Change and Hawks’ Reprieve

It was zero or sub-zero temperature on Saturday morning as Tress and I curled up in bed way past our normal waking time. I had woken up earlier to let the little fellow out and I saw the oval covered with frost. I braved the cold, went out and snapped a couple of pics, and returned to bed after cleaning the little jedi up. Tress and I were curled up in bed till it was safer to crawl out and slowly begin our thawing process.

The previous night we had another great catching up dinner with our dear friends Jason and Mel. We met at Enrik’s a joint just across from the station and as we sat at our table, a stream of familiar faces from St Alf’s came in and were also catching up for dinner. It really felt like a local for us. It was nearly 10pm when we left.

After thawing out with a quick coffee and toasts at home on Sat morning, we drove up to Belgrave to check out a potential tree change destination. We drove deep into the Dandenongs and while I was enchanted by the mountain ash giants and excited by the prospects of living amongst them, Tress was very apprehensive. Anyway, that particular prospective property looked perched on a block that is way too steep for even my liking so we binned the thoughts and drove into Belgrave town for a lunch instead. I remarked to Tress as we sat near the window that Belgrave didn’t feel like the sort of town I felt I could live in anyway.

We walked the little guy later that arvo, and that night I roasted a bunch of veg for my week’s meals.

Sunday after St Alf’s and lunch we trekked into the G for Hawks’ game against the Pies. It stayed very cold and a number of families around us had blankets with them, as we enjoyed a mini redemption of sorts as we beat the Pies, quite comfortably in the end.

It was a balmy 6deg this morning and yet as I typed this in the office just before 7am, when no one else is around, it was still cold. I hope I become better equipped to deal with the cold as we progress through the winter.