Virus, Williamstown and Virus

We’ve been copping the chills in recent days, especially Tress. She was down with a nasty virus last week so we stayed home on Friday night. She was coughing badly, went to bed early and I stayed up a bit and watched the footy. After Hawks’ victory against the Crows the previous night, I was up for more and I got every ounce of the juicy serving. The Dons were beaten by the Swans at the death as Rowan took a mark in the goal square seconds before the final siren. He promptly kicked a goal to give the Swans a one point margin. That game was to herald a whirlwind weekend of topsy turvy footy as the Doggies, Dees and Cats all secures exciting and/or last-minute wins.

On Saturday Tress went to her hairdresser after brekky and I stayed in to do some work, including to complete an annual mandatory anti bribery and anti-corruption training. We then headed to Doncaster East and had a wonderful lunch of mee hun kueh. Alex and Li Har had put pics of that dish, served up by one of their favourite joints, on FB and given the cold wintery weekend, Tress and I had decided on Friday night that we’d go on Saturday. It was the closest thing we’ve had to the hearty dish we used to have in Klang and it was thoroughly satisfying.

After our usual grocery shopping and walking the little fellow, we stayed home and caught a streamed movie. The Good Bones by Peter Jackson looked familiar and we enjoyed the eerily positive (somehow) story before again retiring early.

Sunday after church we headed to Williamstown. I had never been there except for a pass-by cruise. We had a wonderful lunch next to the jetties. It was a drab and cold day and the drive there to this historical part of Melbourne allowed us to soak in such typical Melbourne conditions. I’m glad I read Blainey’s writing on Victorian history – it gave me a chance to appreciate what we saw and experienced as we walked through the area after lunch.

Back home we walked the little guy again – he had appeared unwell earlier in the day so when I saw him bouncing around in the oval, I was really happy.

Back at work this morning, as the company battled a virus of a different kind which generated negative media that accumulated over the weekend, I had a sense of déjà vu. Companies fighting regulators and government isn’t a new territory for me – I am reminded of Phileo fighting KLSE, Bank Negara etc – but it still feels stressful. It will be a busy work week for me as a result but work has always been busy anyway. I was hoping with the cold virus also knocking on the doors to my ENT, I’d have a less than stressful week but I guess such is the cycle of work and rest. I have to grin and bear it through the week, again.