Round the corner

I had never been a big fan of Korean food. The prejudice was probably down to eating only stuff like bibimbap and bulgogi, which came across as crude fill-me-up feeds. We’ve heard good things about this little place near our home however and anyplace close to home is a promising one for me so on Friday night Tress and I had dinner there. It was a good thing too that I made reservations earlier in the day as the little establishment turned away easily half a dozen customers, as they were fully booked. Michu has converted me – I’m a fan now. The food was very good and the staff were so friendly, courteous and professional that we felt thoroughly at home and well served.

After dinner we executed our plan. Earlier in the day I had suggested to Tress (seeing it was a bye week for the Hawks) that we spend the weekend binging on House of Cards. The suggestion was enthusiastically received so once we settled down in our trackies we invited the Underwoods and their Machiavellian shenanigans into our living room. We only went to bed after midnight.

We slept in on Sat morning, and after brekky Tress did the vacuuming while I pottered on the outside – raking the leaves from the Japanese maple, applying some weedkillers, and then walking the little fella at the oval and beyond. Later we stuck a sticky beak into a nearby auction, and witnessed the continuing spiral of house prices. A pretty ordinary 3 bedroom joint with hardly any updates fetched close to 1.2m – I later remarked to Tress maybe it was time we sold our little unit in a neighbouring suburb. The tenants may want to buy it for themselves, who knows.

After a late lunch and grocery shopping we came home to walk the little fella again, before continuing our binge to bathe in the ugliness of politics in Washington DC. We again slept late…

As we pulled into the shopping area car park opposite St Alf’s on Sunday morning, Boyd and Cathy and their older boy were in front of us and as we walked towards St Alf’s I had a quick chat with Boyd and learned they too are only less than 10 minutes away. I’m liking this close-to-home theme and when we had lunch later another 10 minutes or so away I thought we could pretty much live our lives without having to drive more than 20 minutes from home.
After another walk with the little guy I did my usual cooking before ending the day with the home cooks doing their thing by the Murray up in Echuca. I liked it when we visited many years ago and I thought another local holiday this summer would be good. I had spoken to Gavin from St Alf’s earlier in the day and listening to him talk about Nooka and Katherine up in troppo land stirred my increasing interest to explore our “backyard” in that region.

So this morning I did a quick Google map check – we could make it to Alice on road on very ordinary vehicles (no 4WD required) in 3 days via Adelaide and Coober Pedy. I did a quick date marker and sent it off to Kiddo, Mic and Tress. Not quite a 10-20minute drive that’s for sure but for one reason or another, the idea of doing a summer holiday trekking up the sunburnt country in the outback was an appealing one. Long as the drives may be, it is still closer to home.