Last Long Weekend for a while… (but a very good one)

Yesterday was the last public holiday here in Victoria, for a little while. The next one will be on Cup Day, which is traditionally the first Tuesday of November. That is nearly 5 months away. So unless one takes planned leave for a break, one keeps one’s head down and charges through this period.

Kiddo and Mic arrived late on Friday night. They had left a bit after 4pm. I still have memories of those Friday night drives so I understood how they felt when they walked through the door. We didn’t waste much time as Mic, almost immediately after settling down, gave us a USB stick with their wedding photos on it. We switched to accessing it on his website instead, which was more workable. We all went to bed a bit after midnight but Tress and I were on bed scanning those pic, before eventually going to sleep way past 1am.

Earlier that night Tress and I had had dinner with Jason and Mel, together with Jacky, an old friend who has been spending most of her time in Malaysia. She looked well and we spoke and caught up. I always enjoy a Friday night over dinner and wine with good friends and Friday night was exceptional in that respect as the five of us caught up and we only got up to leave when we realised some of the waiting staff were leaving. We had been there well over 3 hours when that happened and I said to Tress, yet again, that was why I didn’t like restaurants with “sessions”. Meals aren’t just about the food. If we have to watch the clock to leave by a certain time because the restaurant has a next session of diners to empty their wallets into the restaurant’s tills, I can well do without such places no matter how good the food is.

On Saturday we cooked a big breakfast at home. Before dinner the previous night we had gone and picked up eggs, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes and avocado and the home cooked big breakfast was a great platform for us to catch up with Kiddo and Mic. It was also for me to give Tress a pressie for her birthday – something we needed Mic’s help for. He has the same phone – the iPhone 7 Plus. Tress’ phone has had a cracked screen and near zero battery capacity for many months now so it was time for a new one. I had been thinking of a pressie for her for a while and the phone is something she uses the most so that should have been an obvious tell-tale for me.

Later that arvo Tress and I subjected ourselves to the travails of the Hawks at the G again, while Mic and Kiddo stayed home to do some work. Somehow, the Hawks’ fruitless toils no longer hit us so hard. All I wanted was to see them having a white hot go and we saw some of that, particularly in the first 10-15 minutes of the last quarter. Going down to a team like the Gold Coast Suns, at the G, was very hard to take.

That night we went to a lovely Cantonese restaurant in Box Hill South. It was meant to be a special birthday treat for Tress. We again had wonderful conversations and as we left to go home, I felt myself being ever so grateful for what has been a great weekend so far.

On Sunday morning, we dropped Kiddo and Mic at the station on our way to St Alf’s. They were heading for the Van Gogh exhibition at the NGV. At church, Jordan Hitchcock gave his usual erudite delivery – this time on Ephesians 4 and our values versus God’s. He started with contrasting our shock with what happened at the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester with our numbed senses to what Arianna Grande’s work means to young minds. He accepts the shocking terrorist event after the concert is of a different scale but he was just noting that we have come to accept certain values. He then challenged values the evangelical sub-culture accepts which aren’t really godly – he suggested that is what the new life in the subject passage was all about. All pretty self inspecting stuff.

Tress and I trekked into the city after church, to catch up with the Van Gogh fans. We met at the packed NGV – the carnival like atmosphere suggests Van Gogh is somehow in pop culture space and Kiddo’s annoyance at photographer’s antics confirms good art has probably been reduced to pop culture treatment.

We had lunch at the CBD, did some shopping (including for Baby Olivier’s – Adrian and Rachael’s one year old – forthcoming birthday do), before heading home. That night we talked a bit more.

They left yesterday morning, after another home cooked breakfast and discussions about summer plans. We thought about Tassie for the four of us, as opposed to a trip back to Malaysia. In as much as we love to catch up with relos we haven’t met for a while, logistics and expensive peak period air travel make that a too hard category. Tress had to remind Kiddo we no longer have anywhere to stay when we’re there and we have no mode of transport too.

After they left, Tress and I then cleaned up, tidied the rooms did some pottering around the home, before heading out for some lunch and grocery shopping. We then went home, walked the little fellow, and got ready for the start of the working week – the first of this long stretch before another long weekend re-appears on the horizon.