St Andrew, & Hazy Start

St Andrews market is one of those places you don’t forget easily. Certainly when Tress and I went there the first time, some 2-3 years ago, it left an impression. The obvious herbal smell wafting through the markets (marijuana), the occult bend, the hippy feel to the whole place was unforgettable. It felt like one was walking through some aspects of the 60’s or 70’s. I clearly remember enjoying a pint just before 11am – and not feeling odd or guilty about it!

On Saturday we took a drive there for a repeat visit. Ruth and Jonathan had texted to meet up and we said we were driving there so we suggested we met there. It must have been quite a drive for them – it took us over 45 minutes – but we met up and it was very nice. They’ve bought a large property on the western fringe, at Woodend, and as they described the property (5.5 acres, paddocks, sheep, alpaca, chooks, ponds etc…) I felt a heavy tinge of envy.

I’ve always cherished the vast swathes of space that Australia affords and could never come to terms with choices to live in apartments or townhouses. We live in a small house ourselves but at least directly across the road there are parklands, ovals and fields and playgrounds. 2-3 neighbours either side of us have no home opposite ours across the street so the strip of parklands was wide enough to give us a sense of space.

In any event, that catch up with Ruth and Jonathan made me think about living amidst even more spacious surrounds. Little Micah looked well, happy and I think he enjoyed a jazzy band which was busking and also enjoying themselves right through the whole time.

Later that night we went to dinner in Bayswater, with Jason and Mel and the Hipos. The Hipos had suggested we try out this funky hawker joint out there and it was nice. We then adjourned to their (Hipos’) home for drinks.

As always it was nice catching up with friends and relatives.

Before we headed out for dinner Mike McNamara,the minister in charged of the 10am service, rang to ask if I can do communion duty the next day, as someone couldn’t make it. So on Sunday we were mindful to be on time. After church we went Madam K’s. They had been closed a few weeks and it was the first time back since they came back from their holidays a few days earlier. We saw some very old friends from our hometown church and we shared a table, talked and caught up. We then went to YWAM at Surrey Hills to pick up some flyers for letter-boxing in the next few weekends before heading to Shoppo in Doncaster.

Last night as I thought about the coming week, I felt a tinge of tiredness. It’s only the second week back so feeling this tiredness doesn’t bode well. Maybe it’s the extra early start, with the level crossing works at my (temporarily closed) local train station making me drive out to the next station in. I’ve had to push my morning schedule even earlier so wake hour feels oppressively early (4.20am). It was however, cooler this morning (about 10deg) and I felt more alive as a result so for a Monday, I am a little more energized that a warm, hazy hot day would have allowed. I’m again grateful…