Cool Change- Back to Work

It was cooler this morning, when I opened the front door and walked towards the car. Dawn was just breaking and while it took some planning and mental preparation the night before, the early morning routine seemed to have worked back into its groove fairly smoothly.

It had to be an earlier start too, as Blackburn Station will be closed for at least a couple of more weeks. I had to drive a little further out into Box Hill station instead. At least there’s covered parking there. A train had pulled up just as I walked towards the platform and as I got on and sat down, I started to read “God’s Big Picture” (Vaughan Roberts). I hadn’t read very much these past 2 weeks and it felt good to read again.

I had with me, Gerard Henderson’s book on BA Santamaria, when we went away but I didn’t get to read much of it. It was very hot for most of the 2 weeks. We were at Point Lonsdale for a few days and then drove straight up to Canberra from there. It remained hot in both of those places, and even when we returned to Melbourne the heat was unrelenting.

I think I felt relief for the first time last night, when the cool change drifted in, maybe from 7pm onwards. Tress, Kiddo, LBJ and I have just had a lovely home barbeque dinner and we all went out to the oval across the street to enjoy the cooler conditions, along with many other pooches and their owners. Everyone was just glad the heat left us for a little while. As we milled with others, played catch with LBJ’s toy ball and generally mucked around, I was very grateful for such moments.