Counting down to a break

Tress and I wound up the week on Friday night at our go-to place – the Via Matta on Canterbury Road. As always, it was wonderful to just sit down to a simple and delicious meal, talking and catching up over a few glasses of a very nice red. Even the kid throwing up a few tables from us didn’t spoil things too much.
On Saturday we spent the day cleaning. Tress did the vacuuming and I wiped down surfaces all over the house. We also organised for some old shoes to be taken to the salvos and freed up some space on the shoe cupboards. Rose from Madam Kwong’s was going on holidays for a few weeks so we made sure we had lunch there, before it was shut down for about 5 weeks. We then went to Westfield in Doncaster – just to walk around. Later in the afternoon we washed the driveway, which had been caking up with dirt, grime and mud from the work by the plumbers and the water authority people. I had washed the cars before that as it was going to be a wet and messy driveway anyway.
That night we watched Interstellar on DVD. It is a fascinating film, with weird science but interesting philosophical questions thrown up. I liked it a lot.
On Sunday after our usual service in St Alf’s we went to Crossway. Jessie, Jesslyn’s mum, was to be baptised so we dropped in. That church is huge and bustling, with constant streams of people shuffling to and fro and people just hanging out in the large café. After spending some time with our friends there Tress and I went back to Madam K again, before going for some groceries for the week’s lunch cook.
Right through the arvo we had the cricket on and it was great to see a scintillating performance from Smith the skipper – he knocked 164, the highest ODI at the SCG, and having helped the Aussies pile a 320+ run on the board, took an unbelievable catch in the gully off a flying cut shot which was shooting through like a bullet around shoulder height. The skipper dived to his left and caught the speeding bullet one handed.
After the very disappointing start to the season against the Proteas, that winning performance was very refreshing, although it wasn’t enough to kick start a slow Monday morning, as I start my countdown to the Christmas break.