On both mornings this past weekend, Tress and I slept in somewhat. I’ve been feeling the weight of the year’s ploughing wear on me and recently I have been saying to Tress I’ve been feeling tired.
We had a really good finish to the week nevertheless, as on Friday night Tress and I enjoyed the company of Jason and Mel again. We went to the café just off Blackburn Station, grandiosely named “Food Republic”. The food was very good but the fact that we stayed on and chatted till almost 10pm (we were there from 6.30) probably said more about the company. Jason referred to him and Mel as empty nesters a number of times and I was thinking to myself that he still has both his kids living at home so how did he come to refer to himself as that? Maybe he felt that way…
We just ploughed on with our usual weekend chores but right through I was tired.
Sunday was the first day of advent and the annual pulpit exchange saw Allan Remond from New Hope at St Alf’s pulpit. He had just returned from a 3-month long service leave and he talked about how he (and his wife) had “leaned into” others’ challenges in that time, even when he was travelling on holidays. His theme though, of not missing the big picture of what God is doing through attention to routines and norms, was a refreshing one.
The 6.02 this morning came at 6.00 and so I missed it. When I checked the timetable I realized it has been changed. It has to be 6.00 from now on. At Spenser, Tram 12 was diverted. I had to get to a different tram stop to get my ride into the office. I had to plough to plough on.