There has been a whole lot of noise around the world these past couple of days. I guess those noises have been loudest in America, the epicentre of a “revolt” against entrenched politics and the practitioners of its dark art. An outsider, derided by and riled many, rode against the mirage that is modern day media into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Alas the don of the trumped up populist era… now awaits January 20 to take his oath before CJ Roberts, the big kahuna of SCOTUS and drop “elect” to become President Donald Trump. 

Stock markets around the world initially took a nosedive when news began to emerge that Trump may win. When it was confirmed that he won however, the markets reversed their losses the next day and life resumed normalcy. 

When all has been said and done, ordinary folks continue to go about their tasks and routines no matter what happens in distant America. Even or Americans, life goes on.

 I remember when Howard lost the election and Rudd became PM, there was a sense of foreboding amongst conservatives used to over a decade of the familiar. Politics have changed much since, with the current PM being the fifth since Howard left, not 10 years ago.

 Yet in many ways, ordinary folks continued with their tasks and routines no matter what happened in Canberra. 

I guess for most Americans, their tasks and routines remain unchanged. Or maybe if Obamacare does get repealed there will be changes to how people pay for their healthcare. 

Or if the great wall of the Rio Grande does get built life may change for many families. Maybe nannies, cooks, gardeners, fruit pickers, harvesters and other types of work Mexicans cross the border illegally to do will face short supply. Maybe other subversive activities will cease.

 I guess most Aussies will know too little to appreciate how and if life will change in that part of the world. We simply cringed at the things he said before he ascended to the throne and wondered how Americans were able to choose such a man to such a lofty position. 

But chose him they did and that is something everyone – especially Americans – must now accept. Aussies of all stripes accepted it when after a decade, a character like Rudd stepped in to replace Howard, even though many did not vote for Rudd’s mob.