Parallel Phases

Last week it got a bit busy towards the end. On Wednesday, we had to take the little fellow to the vet for his annual jab. We booked him in for 7pm and when we got back it was almost 8pm. I was tired by then but there were two more nights of activities to go. On Thursday night, it was the home group and I was a little tempted to skip the meeting but we’d not met a few weeks as there were corresponding meetings in church itself so Tress and I dragged ourselves along. It was a long night too somehow, and it didn’t finish till it was almost 10pm. Finally, on Friday night, Kiddo arrived from Canberra and we had to pick her up at around 11pm. We got home well past midnight and only went to bed close to 1am.

Saturday didn’t see the busy-ness ease. Tress and Kiddo had a few appointments lined up with a number of wedding gown outlets and I also had a couple of other appointments – one to catch up with old uni friends for lunch and another with the Red Cross Blood Service, for my scheduled blood donation. The old uni friends lunch was to spend time with HC, who has been diagnosed with the big C and has been going through a tough time. She lives in Perth and was in town for something so CM teed up the lunch. It was good to catch up with everyone, especially HC.

After lunch I rejoined Tress and Kiddo at the last gown shop for the day but only for a short while. I went to my blood donation appointment shortly after but my recent work trip to Malaysia barred me from donating whole blood, as Malaysia is on the list as a high-risk country, principally malaria. I could have given plasma but plasma donation takes longer due to the separation process and they only do that for early slots. My 3.15pm slot was too late for plasma so that trip was wasted for the most part.

Everyone was tired when we eventually got home and I did a quick barbeque for dinner. That night Kiddo and Tress continued working on the gown review and selection, as well as on some wedding website and guest list. There was a lot going on.

Sunday after church we met up with Jason and Mel and Sammi and Brendon for lunch, after which we went shoe shopping for Kiddo. She had to select the shoes to finish up the gown process –for the hemming bit to be completed.

Later in the arvo we had Kiddo drive the Camry around for her to familiarise herself with that car as we were giving her that car. I then did the usual Sunday cooking while Tress and Kiddo ploughed on with the wedding stuff.

The busy end to the week didn’t ease up so when I got in the train this morning at my usual 6am start I was expecting to be tired. Thankfully I wasn’t feeling that badly – I managed to do my intended reading (Blainey’s History of Victoria) before getting a quick shut eye as the train pulled away from Richmond to get into the city loop. The two stops before I got ready to disembark gave me the usual 40 winks before I make the rush to make sure I get on to my tram stop on the corner of Collins and Spencer, in time for Tram No. 12, where “normalcy” resumes…