Indian Pre-Summer

It was the Hindu festival of Diwali yesterday and Tress and I weren’t planning on doing anything to particularly sync with that event but somehow we ended doing a number of “Indian” things.

We caught up with Jason and Mel on Friday night. They often come up to our side of town to catch up so when we were making the arrangements we thought it fair they get to pick the place this time. The picked the Elephant Corridor, a Sri Lankan joint in the popular Glen strip. We had a good time just eating and talking, only slightly soured by the restaurant’s practice of having 2 dining sessions and we were hurried out when it was just after 8pm.

We spent much of Saturday cleaning. Tress vacuumed and cleaned the inside of the house and I took care of the outside – hedges cut, lawn trimmed and grounds swept. It was a glorious day for outdoor works though and so I had the more enjoyable task. House cleaned, we spent the evening at Hipo’s for Jesslyn’s birthday. Alex and family, Jason and Mel and Penny and Vincent were all there too – familiar and old friends made conversations easy and fun. Alex brought along a bottle of Dewar’s 18 year old so that made conversations even easier and more fun.

Sunday we were on communion duty and it was a bit daunting at the end when I ended up serving Peter the senior minister. It is often the practice that at the end of the communion, those on duty would serve each other and Peter was at the back in the foyer where we did our serving. When I held up the cup for Peter, I took special care to ensure I said the words clearly and accurately.

After church we drove out to Knoxfield to pick up some honey, and had lunch in a wonderful Indian restaurant. We had wanted to go to the Straits Café as it was nearer the place where we picked up the honey but it was crowded and Tress noticed this Indian restaurant next door. The food was delicious and it was only later we realised we had eaten Indian twice this weekend, when we hardly ate Indian at other times.

After lunch we headed to Glen Waverley to pick up the car we agreed to buy and spent some time talking to the wonderful Indian couple we bought it from.

Back home, I should have cooked dhal curry to finish off the Indian themed weekend but I had bought stuff to do my usual chicken/mushroom rice casserole thing. After walking LBJ, Tress did the ironing while I cooked. I’m glad it’s the Cup weekend because that means we only return to work for a day before we get a day off, and the day would be quiet in the office. If there was horse with an Indian sounding name running tomorrow, I’d surely put some money on it.