Late recall and …why blog…

Tress and I went to bed late last night. We had been to Tullamarine, dropping off a couple who had to make a trip back to Malaysia. S’s mum passed on and YL his wife messaged us yesterday morning to cancel a weekend coffee appointment we had made earlier.

We first go to know YL in a most fortuitous way. I was looking at suits in a departmental store where she worked. She was very helpful and we soon made acquaintance and somehow along the way, we got to know her family. It has been maybe 3-4 years now and just before we went away for our holidays last week, we talked a bit about his work, her health and a few other things. They also helped look after LBJ last week when we were away.

On the way to Tulla, I sort of mentioned my own experience when my father passed on and we had to make the dreaded trip back to Malaysia. That was almost 10 years ago now. I was making a bad attempt to help S better prepare his journey home as I remembered mine was emotionally distressing. YL must have picked up some vibes from S as she changed subject and I picked that up instantly and followed her tack. But later when we got home, it made me recall my journey back to Klang.

It is at times like this I’m glad I keep this blog going. This entry reminds me of a few things, which I must hold dear. The sensation, experience and overall state of being at that time in my childhood home for my last sighting of my late father lying in state would have been far easier to fade away had I not kept this blog and made that entry.

I need to be more diligent in keeping this blog going, making records of events, people and experiences that touch me.